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Top 5 Minky Fabric Problems, Concerns & Solutions

by:Rhino     2020-08-22

I don’t change anything on my machine, simply sew on the standard settings that I use for every thing else. I’ve considered that but the fabric on the front is a circuit board.

So there are lots of lines – I am contemplating following a type of despite the fact that it isn't steady it's repetitive. Hobby Lobby has their Minky on sale for 30% off, sale ends tomorrow.

Before you turn it, clip the corners off like shown below, it will forestall the extra material from bunching up in the corners. Pin all around the skin and also all through the middle too. Lots of pins.Now that's all pinned up, trim off the extra minky. I neglected to take an image of this step, but it ought to be pretty straight forward. First two patches sewed together.Then continue with the third sq., mine was blue.

Open the two you have sewn already, line up the third sq. with the 2nd, and stitch that seam so you've 3 squares in a row. Continue in the identical manner till you have a whole row of squares. Here is my pattern for patches, ignore the multicolored square on the right…So the subsequent step is to cut all the squares. I did my best to measure accurately and tried to start out from a straight fringe of the fabric, however I promise that none of my 48 squares were actually square.

(It’s solely $9.09/yd!!) I’m stitching these together this weekend. I thought you simply took a strip folded it over the edge and sewed it down. I am so excited I discovered your blog and now I am going to spend part of kiddos nap time looking round.
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