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An interesting live broadcast

An interesting live broadcast


ThthRapid development of Live e-commerce

hina's live broadcasting e-commerce can be traced back to 2016. After four years of development, China has gone through the initial stage and rapid development stage of live broadcasting e-commerce, and will continue to develop towards a mature stage in the future. With the development of Internet 

technology, KOL delivery mode, represented by live broadcast, has brought more intuitive and vivid shopping experience to consumers, with high conversion rate and good marketing effect, which has gradually become a hot topic

Multiple factors promote the outbreak of live E-commerce

The outbreak of e-commerce live broadcasting is mainly due to consumption habits, content upgrading and technology iteration.

(1) Consumption habits: the new generation of consumer groups grow up in the period of rapid rise of short video and live broadcast, and prefer intuitive and interactive consumption mode, and prefer online consumption of mobile terminal;

(2)  content upgrading: compared with the graphic explanation of traditional online store goods, the content form of direct broadcast E-commerce is more optimized, mainly for professional, interesting methods. 

(3)  Technology iteration: 5g era brings better viewing experience, and the continuous development of smart phones and live broadcast devices provides the hardware foundation

The growth rate of live broadcast market users is amazing

Since 2020, the growth rate of live broadcast market users is amazing. According to the data, in 2020, the number of online live broadcasting users in China will reach 550 million, and the growth rate of users will exceed 9.2%. Compared with the growth rate of about 10% in the Internet industry, live broadcasting is still a high-speed growth market.

An interesting live broadcast in Nantong Rhino Company,

As a professional manufacturer of home and textile industry more than 10 years, our products are certified by SGS. We are constantly committed to product research and development to provide customers with more comfortable and beautiful products at a reasonable price. 

On December 27, we had a live broadcast on the international station, mainly introducing the advantages of our gravity blanket. The anchor also introduced our new products:pinch pleat duvet cover, tufted duvet cover, seersucker duvet cover and so on. During the live broadcast, many customers watched the live broadcast and actively discussed with the anchor

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