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What is shaggy plush fabric

What is shaggy plush fabric


What is shaggy plush fabric
 the characteristics of plush fabric

What are the characteristics of plush fabric?

Many people will ask this question when they buy it. Because they first understand the relevant knowledge, they can do better when purchasing. The following is a brief introduction of this aspect of the problem, hoping to bring some help to you.

The specific characteristics of the fabric are as follows:

First, environmental protection:

 Any fabric must have a certain degree of environmental protection. Since it is used to make clothes or bedding set, it must be healthy and environmentally friendly, so that it can be suitable for users to buy and make clothes or shaggy bedding set. Therefore, the characteristics of plush fabric must have a certain degree of environmental protection.


Second, warmth retention:

In this kind of fabric, warmth retention is inevitable, otherwise it will not be widely used in making winter clothes. Therefore, from this point of view, plush fabric characteristics will inevitably have thermal performance.

Third, air permeability:

Even in winter material, the fabric must also have certain air permeability. Because of the good air permeability, It play a better role in keeping warm.


Shaggy plush bedding set

Shaggy plush bedding set is environmentally friendly, breathable and warm. 

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