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What is bamboo fiber?

What is bamboo fiber?


bamboo fibre

What is bamboo fibre?

Bamboo fiber is a kind of regenerated cellulose fiber, which is produced by using patented technology. Bamboo     fiber is extracted from bamboo by special high-tech process, and then produced by glue making, spinning and other   processes. Bamboo fiber fabric contains a variety of natural properties of bamboo fiber, and it is widely used in   knitting, such as towel, bathrobe, intimate clothing, T-shirt, bedding and so on.

Advantages of bamboo fiber:        

1、 Antibacterial and bacteriostatic function: the bacteria, such as Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus and other   harmful bacteria, can multiply in cotton and wood fiber products. After one hour on the bamboo fiber fabric, the   bacteria disappear 48%, and after 24 hours, 75% of the bacteria are killed.     

2、 Super health care function: the negative ion concentration in bamboo fiber is as high as 6000 pieces / cubic   centimeter, which is equivalent to the negative ion concentration content of rural fields, making the human body feel   fresh and comfortable.       

3、 Moisture absorption and dehumidification function: the porous structure of bamboo fiber has good hygroscopic and dehumidification functions, so as to automatically adjust the humidity balance of human body.        

4、 Deodorization and adsorption function: the special microporous structure of bamboo fiber makes it have strong adsorption capacity, which can adsorb formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, ammonia and other harmful substances in the air, and eliminate bad odor.       

5、 Thermal storage function: far infrared emissivity of bamboo fiber is as high as 0.87, which is much better than traditional fiber fabric.        

6、 Soft and comfortable function: bamboo fiber has fine unit fineness, soft handle, good whiteness and bright color, strong toughness and wear resistance, unique resilience, strong longitudinal and transverse strength, stable and uniform, and good drapability.

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