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Nantong Rhino homeware co.,ltd 126th Canton fair Review

Nantong Rhino homeware co.,ltd 126th Canton fair Review


Due to the whole sets of weighted blanket on show, Nantong Rhino who is the most professional exhibitor of weighted blanket.

The customers come from United State, UK, China, Australia, Brazil, Pakistan etc. have visited our booth and have had very thorough communication.  


We have demonstrated our material like glass beads what are ECO-friendly with test report. Customer were very satisfied with our quality. 

Weighted blankets are a kind of products that help improve melatonin because they help produce serotonin. Serotonin is a key building block for your body to create melatonin, so increasing serotonin will help your body produce melatonin. This then helps your body become on a more regular helpsleep schedule.


It’s very neoteric products and hot sell on the e-commerce platform such as Amazon, E-bay, Wish etc. and many private websites. The products are popular in American firstly, and distribute to Europe,Australia and other country recently. Customers are interesting in the new items at the Canton Fair.


There is a customer coming from American, has many years’ experiences sourcing from China. They were exited with our helpsleep products and made decision immediately to visit our factory after the fair. 

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