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various fibers of weighted blankets

various fibers of weighted blankets


With the acceleration of the pace of life, sleep has become a common problem in contemporary human society. According to relevant statistics, about 25% of people in the world have insomnia. Among them, about 20-30% of insomnia people are caused by different sleep disorders. The proportion may be higher in developed countries and cities. Paying attention to sleep has also become a social topic. At present, there are many kinds of sleep products on the market. How to choose a good product? Is the key to good sleep.

Sleeping aid effect of gravity blanket

Investigation and research show that gravity blanket provides a stimulation called "deep pressure touch", which has a "calming effect" on children and adults with sensory impairment. It is not only conducive to alleviating anxiety and relaxing mood, but also improve the sleep impairment of people with insomnia.

Lynell schneiberg, a researcher at the American Academy of sleep medicine and doctor of psychology, said: "lying under the gravity blanket and giving the body an appropriate sense of pressure can really give people a feeling of relaxation and safety, just like sleeping in a baby's swaddle.

Specializing in the production of household products, multi platform hot sale

Nantong rhinoceros household products Co., Ltd. supplies products for many well-known home textile brands at home and abroad, such as domestic first-line home textile brands mercury, Mengjie, duolik, as well as many well-known sellers on different sites on cross-border platforms such as Amazon, eBay, wish, lazada and express. The products are mainly in European and American markets and are hot sold on Amazon, shrimp skin and express cross-border e-commerce platforms The factory covers an area of 10000 square meters, with two core workshops, more than 200 employees, 30 quilting machines, 50 sewing machines, 5 needle checking machines and 5 groups of cutting tables. It can produce 2500 pieces of gravity quilts per day, three piece sets and four piece sets, 2000 sets. It has sufficient production capacity, guaranteed quality and punctual delivery.

Popular models are recommended, and product advantages are highlighted

Gravity blanket is a kind of health auxiliary blanket designed according to the weight standard of about 10% of the body weight of the human body. It is filled with an appropriate amount of safe, non-toxic and high-density small particle glass beads. The weight is often between 2.27kg and 13.62kg, simulating the feeling of swaddling and hugging. The basic gravity blanket is available on hand and supports proofing and customization.


Q: What qualifications does gravity blanket have?

A: Oe-tex certification, SGS certification and Oeko tex standard certification are also the most authoritative and influential textile ecological labels in the world.

The products with Oeko texstandard 100 label are passed by well-known textile testing institutions in 15 countries around the world.

SGS certification refers to the service of SGS to certify the compliance of targets according to standards, regulations, customer requirements and other conditions.

Q: Need to develop a new quilting process, can it?

A: Yes, you can provide us with specific quilting patterns, or describe them to us. First, I'll give you a sample to see the effect.

Q: How many people are there in your company and how large is the plant area?

A: The factory covers an area of more than 10000 square meters, with two core plants and more than 200 employees.

Q: How much can your daily output reach?

A: The daily output value of gravity blanket is about 2500-3000 pieces, and the daily output value of kit is 2000 sets

Q: Does your company provide design?

A: Yes, we have professional designers who have worked for many years.

Q: Can you provide custom sizes?

A: Yes, you just need to provide us with the size and we will arrange the production.

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