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Is a pregnant woman's pillow a real artifact

Is a pregnant woman's pillow a real artifact


Is a pregnant woman's pillow a real artifact

After reading these three benefits, you will know how to choose PREGANNCY PILLOW

I remember when I was pregnant, my low back pain was always serious, and sometimes I couldn't even straighten up. My husband saw that I was really uncomfortable. After consulting the doctor, he planned to buy me a pregnant pillow, but my friend said that the pregnant pillow was useless. It was an IQ tax.           

In order to determine whether it is necessary to buy pregnant women's pillows, we have also done a lot of homework and summarized the 4 benefits of pregnant women's pillows.

1. Conducive to health

During pregnancy, the stomach slowly becomes larger, especially in the middle and late pregnancy, the fetus begins to oppress our lumbar spine, and many pregnant mothers will have lumbar pain. At this time, the sleeping position on the left side can reduce the burden on the lumbar spine, effectively alleviate the pain, and make the pregnant mothers sleep better.

2. Increased comfort

When I was late in pregnancy, it was difficult to get up. Because with a big belly, it is very inconvenient to move. Sometimes my husband sleeps too much at night. It's hard for me to go to the bathroom. However, after having a pregnant woman's pillow, you can use your strength to get up in the middle of the night and go to the bathroom. You can do it by yourself.

3. Multifunctional

Pregnant women's pillows can not only be used during pregnancy. After the baby is born, mothers should start breastfeeding. Each breastfeeding takes more than ten minutes or even longer, which means that mothers should maintain a posture for a long time. This is actually very bad for the waist and shoulders. Some mothers will choose to buy breast-feeding pillows. If they already have pregnant women's pillows, they can be directly used as breast-feeding pillows, saving a sum of expenses.

Even if the baby doesn't eat breast milk and doesn't need a breast-feeding pillow, it can also be changed into a pillow, which can be used for multiple purposes and save resources.

How to choose a pregnant woman's pillow?

The common pregnant women's pillows on the market are divided into U-shaped pillows 

                                                                                                                G- shaped pillows C-and H-shaped pillows:

U-shaped pillow

The size is relatively large. Generally, it can surround the pregnant mother's head, waist and legs in an all-round way. It is more comfortable to sleep. It is suitable for families with large beds. However, because it is fully wrapped, it will be hot in summer. Pregnant mothers who are not heat-resistant should start with caution.

H-shaped pillow

The function is relatively single, mainly for waist protection. The price is relatively cheap, the size is relatively small, and it is convenient to store.

As for which one to choose, it depends on the needs of pregnant mothers themselves.

G-shaped pillow

he size of our total body pregnancy woman pillow is about 73"(long side) x 38"(short side) x 30"(horizontal pillow) and weight about 7.0lbs. Not limited by your height and weight, newest style design will bring best comfortable deep sleep for various people.Comfortable G shape will like a family masseur to touch your whole body.

C-shaped pillow

C shaped body pillow design replaces other small pillows in your bed. This C shaped body pillow is comfort and following your body contour shaped that helping support your body such as back, belly, hips and knee.

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