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What makes Elastic Hose Pillow the best for neck pain?

What makes Elastic Hose Pillow the best for neck pain?


A large part of our life is spent in sleep, and sleep is an important energy storehouse for us to restore energy and adjust our body and mind. Pillows are indispensable during sleep and have become an important weapon for us to protect sleep, so a correct and suitable pillow plays an important role in a person's sleep and health.


Let us choose a pillow of our own scientifically. Now it's time to discover the best sleep ever and wake up feeling fresh with our Rhino Cavalier hose pillow.


Choose Ultimate Pillow Material


The material of the pillow will also affect our sleep. Pillows of different materials have different advantages and disadvantages. The pillow core should be made of a soft texture, and it is better to make a pillow with moderate hardness and a little elasticity.


Our Rhino Cavalier Soft Hose Pillow uses Food grade TPE+PE soft hose as filling, similar to baby pacifier material.


(1)Support: Strong bounce can support the cervical spine better than gel memory foam, down, and latex pillows.

(2)Breathable: It is more conducive to air circulation than other materials, which are comfortable and not stuffy, and maintains the best temperature for deep sleep.

3)Easy to care: The soft hose pillow reduces the breeding environment of bacteria and mites, and you can toss it in the washing machine. 


Pillow height selection

The height of the pillow affects sleep experience. The specific height depends on an individual's neck curvature. When purchasing a pillow, it's recommended to buy one with 9 - 15 cm height. This height is more in line with the curvature of our cervical spine and makes our sleep more comfortable.


Rhino Cavalier Hose Pillow - Height & Firmness Adjustable

You can add or remove the soft hose at will, adjust it to the height that best suits you, and fit everyone's cervical spine curve. A soft hose refill pack is given. There are two filling openings on the pillow, and the height can be adjusted at will


Don't hesitate to buy a Soft Hose Pillow for yourself or as an amazing gift for family and friends. Because our pillow can

(1)Relieve cervical pain

(2)Support any sleeping posture

(3)Reduce insomnia symptoms

(4)Enhance life happiness

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