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Can waterproof mattress cover protector really be waterproof?

Can waterproof mattress cover protector really be waterproof?


What is waterproof mattress cover ? Can waterproof mattress cover really be waterproof?  

Have you ever had these embarrassing experiences?

"Just yesterday, my child peed in bed again. I didn't sleep well all night!" Jack said.

"Teddy is really fun, but she pees in bed every three or five times. I'm so angry that I really want to give it away.". Tina said.

"I went to visit my parents at the weekend, but I didn't let us into the bedroom. From their nervous and shy eyes, I understood What is that time flies." Gella said.


According to lax statistics, the above situation has been selected as one of the "ten inevitable bed things".

Black technology - Waterproof mattress cover protector from Nantong Rhino

The soiled mattress is not only difficult to clean, but also the peculiar smell of urine stains lingers. More unlucky, the high-grade latex mattress that cost tens of thousands of yuan was destroyed in a bubble of urine.

Now, I strongly wish you Amway's black technology "Waterproof mattress cover protector"!

The proper density ensures that liquid molecules cannot pass through. Even if the baby is a big "ocean", it can hold it! At the same time, it can let the water vapor molecules pass smoothly. Lying on it will not feel muggy. In summer, don't worry that the baby will cover prickly heat!

Why is it called black technology?

The difference between this waterproof mattress cover protector and others is that it adopts a three-dimensional structure design, which not only pays attention to waterproof and other functions, but also pays more attention to the user experience.

The surface layer can be cotton or polyester; Customized according to customer needs

The inner layer adopts nano-sized, polymer elastic material TPU active composite film, which has many advantages, such as high wear resistance, water resistance, oil resistance and so on.

Laboratory: Waterproof test

In the test, we first pour water on the waterproof mattress cover protector, wait for it for 30 minutes, and then add water and press it with our hands, but the paper towel under it is not wet at all. It is really watertight!

Laboratory: air permeability test

In the test, we first pour boiling water into the basin, then cover it with a waterproof mattress, and then buckle the transparent bottle. Soon, the glass bottle was covered with white water vapor, which showed that it could let the water vapor molecules pass smoothly.

Physical mite prevention and skin care

Mites not only affect our sleep quality, but also cause serious damage to our skin.

The survey shows that about 97% of adults are infected with mites. Among patients with allergic asthma, 80% are allergic to mites, mainly dust mites. The bodies, secretions and excretions of dust mites are pathogenic allergens.

Traditional bed sheets have little effect on mite prevention, and this waterproof mite proof mattress cover protector is like a natural barrier, which can not only effectively prevent mites from entering the mattress, strangle the breeding ground for mites, but also block various allergens such as molds and fungi, so as to create a healthy and warm sleep environment for the family.

bedroom taste to enhance happiness

Twin queen king szie mattress pad cover , also known as mattress protective , its basic function is to prevent dust and skid, increase the cleanliness and beauty of the bedroom and enhance the private taste space.

mattress cover protectors have become a necessary household bedding in developed countries in Europe and America, but only a few people are still using them in China. Note that Xiaobian is only talking about ordinary mattress cover protectors, and there are few waterproof mattress cover protectors!

The waterproof mattress cover protector is an upgraded version. Its advanced function is to protect the mattress and physical mites, free people from cumbersome household activities, protect human health and improve the quality of life.

Waterproof mattress cover protectors are widely used, not only at home, but also in home stays, star hotels, pets, nursing homes and other places.

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