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To pay more attention to the blanket, in addition to the soft, sewing stronger, to tidy package edge, carpet surface should be clean and in good condition, dropping

by:Rhino     2020-03-16
Textile set, dyeing in one of the universal in the production of bedding, blankets professional manufacturers. Our factory has domestic and foreign advanced equipment, strong technical strength and exquisite processing technology, the high pure wool blanket, blended blankets, wool blanket. Hotel blankets, woven jacquard blanket. Army blanket, military blankets colour and lustre is decorous, class, specifications complete, quality materials, feel is plump, their physical quality and the flame retardancy, insect resistance, achieves the international standard, are popular with consumers. Woolen blanket if there was a slight pollution, please with a clean towel dipped 1% concentration of special cleaner gently wipe the pollution and using the same method to clean with clear water, then dry it in time, comb with the comb when necessary. Wool blanket permeability is good, in the above, under the rough pore forming an air flow between fiber layer, to the human body provides an ideal constant temperature at the time of sleep, improve sleep quality. Wool blanket figure air conditioning blanket variety is more, according to the use of raw materials can be divided into plush carpet, pure chemical fiber blended blankets, blankets; According to the processing methods can be divided into woven blankets ( Including cotton Mao Wei, wool by Mao Wei two) And knitting blanket ( Such as tufting carpet, raschel blanket, etc. ) ; According to the carpet surface pattern composition can be divided into jacquard blanket, printing blankets, blankets, blankets and blankets grid; By carpet surface villus type can be divided into suede, influential, rolling ball, wool type ( Including water ripple, brush, etc. ) ; By using the object and can be divided into the baby's blanket, bed blanket, double bed blanket and special specifications of blankets, etc. Shu velveteen air conditioning blanket applicability is very broad, such as spring and summer to do thin by, summer is used, air conditioning, light and; Qiu dong season can be used the pad in order to do the sheets, comfortable fitting, soft skin to keep warm, warm a winter; At the same time to the human body blood circulation and metabolism has a good regulatory role; Caress your body joints and knee, make it not easy to catch cold catch cold; Collect, carry, easy to use, meticulous care to your life anytime and anywhere. Wool blanket figure foam dry cleaning is one of the most common air conditioning bubble cleaning, carpet surface bubble dry cleaners use with a rotating brush and implantable to wet vacuum head will be a lot of detergent spray pile head on surface of the blanket, under the action of the rolling brush and detergent to clean after pile with aspiration and floating dust suction machine suction to wash foam. Woolen blanket wool blanket is one of the types of bedding, blankets as the name suggests is made by wool blankets, wool blanket good air permeability, feel is smooth, is a good choice. A woolen blanket prices how much money? This is when the choose and buy the most concern, hurriedly counseling online customer service. 。 Different brand woolen blanket quotation is not the same, neat wool blanket wool surface, visual effects, one integrated mass, as well as the feel is basically the same large carpet, colorless difference big carpet very fine, high density, hair more fine and dense, choose red color, very suitable for marriage, the size is 200 * 240 cm, considered a lucky brand with excellent material, let the blanket quotation for 480. 00 yuan.
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