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The original title: everyday want to sleep sheet, how long does it take for a time to clean?

by:Rhino     2020-04-03
Now on the market so much of the sheet, which rolled up, oh no, it is more comfortable to sleep? Cotton breathable moisture absorption of pure cotton fabrics, feel is soft, no stimulation to the skin, almost every family has a cotton sheets. But pure cotton cloth easy to wrinkle, probably can't afford to your rolling. Silk silk is silk and cotton blended yarn, texture soft, comfortable, permeability is very good. In addition to and as easy to knit, cotton and a fatal shortcomings like Ipnone X - — Expensive. Pure linen, pure linen fabrics of permeability is very good. And can fight bacterium, is not so easy to mold, moisture absorption is strong, very suitable for sleep easy to sweat in summer. In addition to the pure hemp, bamboo fiber sheets is summer's first choice. Grinding a MAO in the winter, how to let oneself got into bed becomes a cleaned up and the most difficult thing. Wake up in the morning, stroking the soft warm grinding sheet is feeling into the heaven. But small d want to remind you, hair is more suitable for the cold season, but is not suitable for people with respiratory diseases. If you really don't know to choose which, small medical advice to choose pure cotton. The four seasons are, security is not exciting. 02 fitted VS sheet the fitted especially popular in recent years, small medical oneself also bought a few sets of the fitted style sheets. Bed dai li and the difference between ordinary sheets is that with a rubber band around it, can have the effect of fixed antiskid and basic will not slide, applies only to have the bed mattress. The bedspread VS the fitted bed to sleep more comfortable, won't have a sleep wake up crumpled experience, small medical personal preference for the fitted. But if your bed mattress, please honestly get ordinary model. 03 light color sheet, sleep more soundly sleep is good, in addition to and bed sheet fabrics is comfortable, and color also have relations. Of course, there is no online says 'choose the right color can cure' so exaggerated. If the sleep quality is bad, and nervous at ordinary times, small medical advice you choose light color sheet; If the mental pressure big, at ordinary times is not recommended to choose such as martial arts look more exciting color. Hotel sheets are usually white, but also to play a soothing effect. Of course, now the outside sheet is clean, no one can guarantee. The simplest method to avoid sleep to the other people slept in sheet is - — Little town, home to sleep. 04 like naked sleep, bed sheet more how long wash to wash white white sheets? Have cleanliness of people every day in bed sheets, clothes than diligent; Think doesn't matter one month after half a year even one change, also don't care. However, small medical does not recommend for a long time don't change the sheets. Sleep for a night, you sweat, dander, dirt on the sheet, roll up the second day of the shower again two laps, how to keep its purity? The quilt often bask in, often in sheets. If must come up with a time limit, the 2 days to two weeks is ok. And if you have a naked sleep habits, change the sheets every day too much.
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