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The Importance of Knowing When to Use a Fire Blanket

by:Rhino     2020-07-14
Common Uses of Fire Blankets A fire blanket is used to control fires that may not be easily extinguished. Maintaining a blanket for emergency fire situations in an office could possibly save a company thousands of pounds in office equipment replacement - or even someone's life. It is highly recommended to keep a blanket near electrical equipment within an office setting. Many fires are started by shortages in the electrical system or from faulty electrical wiring. The blankets are most commonly utilised for extinguishing electrical fires. An electrical fire can not be extinguished with water. Blanket Uses These blankets are also used to control oil and grease fires. They are commonly found in garages, where oil and gas spills may occur. A fire blanket is essential in cutting off a fire's oxygen supply. This will prevent the fire from spreading to other areas within a structure. A blanket consists of materials that are non-flammable. In most cases, the initial response of a fire victim is to attempt to extinguish the fire with water. However, certain fires may require the use of a fire extinguisher or blanket. The blankets are easily stored and do not require maintenance. Blanket Disposal Manufactures are working to increase the performance of the blankets. The new blankets do not consist of wool. They will not burn or scorch when coming in contact with fire or heat. There may be asbestos related materials found on previously manufactured blankets. It is important to dispose of these blankets immediately upon use. Blanket Technology The newly manufactured blankets consist of synthetic fibreglass and fibres. These materials prevent the blanket from burning or melting. They also include an anti-sticking agent to protect skin and clothing. These blankets are also used for people that come in direct contact with a fire. The blankets may be used to wrap around the individual to decrease skin burns. Let the blanket cool for 30 minutes after use. Use gloves that are fire resistant to protect the hands from burns. If an individual does not have time to obtain gloves, it is recommended to wrap the hands with a corner of the blanket. Blanket Storage It is important to have easy access to a blanket. Store the blanket where it can be easily retrieved in the event of a fire. Fire alarms are an essential fire safety recommendation. There is an assortment of fire alarms available on the market. A fire alarm may not only protect the lives of family members. It may also protect the lives of others in the community.
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