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The Electric Blanket: A Winter Must-Have

by:Rhino     2020-06-29
Using electric bedding and electric throws during those cold winter nights is a fantastic way to stay warm and comfortable and conserve energy while you sleep. You can get the comfort you desire from electric blankets, electric mattress pads, electric throws, and wearable electric blankets. They all have several beneficial features such as temperature controllers with automatic shut-off after 10 hours. The controllers allow you to experience individual comfort with 3-10 different temperature settings, depending on the size. Some of the king size electric bedding come with dual controllers so couples can control the temperature on their side of the bed. They are machine washable and do not shrink after repeated wash cycles. Using electric bedding also lowers electric bills because they require far less energy than central heating and space heaters. You will see your electric bill decrease significantly after consistently using these products during the winter months. The Electric Throw is becoming quite popular. It is versatile-you can use it in and out of bed, it is great for traveling, it is inexpensive, and it conserves energy. It is quickly becoming the gift-giving trend as many people are enjoying the electric throw themselves and wanting to give one to their loved ones. Who could blame them. It provides individual comfort and it takes the place of a space heater. Imagine, during those cold winter nights when you just want to watch a movie in your favorite EZ chair and eat popcorn. To top it off, you can snuggle up with your heated throw. What better way to add comfort to a relaxing evening. The Wearable Electric Blanket takes the Electric Throw one step further. The Wearable Electric Blanket has dedicated sleeves that keeps its wearer warm yet provides freedom of movement for reading a book or working on a computer. Worn like a bathrobe with a split side, the soft, two-ply polyester fleece electric blanket is generously sized. It comes 74' long, covering the body, arms, and feet. Unlike other throws that shut off after 10 hours, the Wearable Electric Blanket shuts off automatically after one hour. The Low Voltage Electric Blanket and the Low Voltage Electric Throw are also rather innovative. The blanket uses 25 volts and the throw uses 16 volts. Such low voltage results in a safer blanket and concise conservative heating. The Low Voltage Electric blankets and throws produces even heat across its surface without the hot or cold pockets. The controller shuts off after 10 hours and a microchip implanted in the controller spots overheating and decreases the temperature automatically. It combines safety and comfort and the wires are practically unnoticeable under it's soft cover. Therefore, you are not irritated by bulky, stiff wires. A popular benefit of the Low Voltage Electric bedding is its low energy consumption and the controller safety features. The king and queen size blankets come with dual controllers for two sleepers to set their own temperatures. Electric mattress pads are also a favorite for optimizing comfort. The Best Heated Electric Mattress Pad generates consistent warmth and the temperature fluctuates by only 0.31A? F across its entire surface over eight hours, proving to be three times more consistent than any other models. The Best Heated Electric Mattress Pad reaches the medium temperature setting faster than any other model. Customers who slept on the electric mattress pad have raved about the Best model's soft cushioning and virtually unnoticeable heating elements. The Best model does not shrink or unravel after repeated machine washings. This product also comes with dual controllers for the king and queen sizes allowing two sleepers to set their own temperature preferences from 10 heat settings. And, like most modern electric bedding, the heating elements shut off automatically after 10 hours. Whatever type of electric bedding you prefer, you will find that they are sure to enhance your comfort level. There are quite a few features to consider as you are shopping for your electric bedding such as safety features, warranties, temperature controller settings, color, size, single or dual controllers, fabric, machine washing and drying durability, etc. But, you will discover that you did not wrong when you experience the comfort they provide, the heat that you conserved, and the money that you saved on electric bills.
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