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The Dreamer

by:Rhino     2020-07-13
Night had fallen, the small attic apartment was silent. Kandi who had just settled into bed, picked up her little TV remote off the night stand and began flicking through different television programs. Her mood was completely calm as she waited for her program to come on. Bedtime was usually enjoyable in comparison to her normally hectic day. The large bedroom at the back of the attic where Kandi slept was always hot. It was so hot that bought a small air conditioner to put in the tiny window adjacent to her bed. The air conditioner was just enough to cool her room, and the very small bathroom directly across from it. Kandi adored the simple things in life, and she adored her bedroom that she kept simple. No pictures on the wall, not much furniture, just a t.v., a bed, and a cheap black area rug that she got from ollies 1/2 off sale. Kandi was ecstatic that she had taken off work the following day because that meant she could sleep in late. She worked in a facility that counselored mental patients, and the emotional stress associated with her job was beginning to wear on her. She absolutely despised her job, but not because of the patients, but because of the arrogant, judgemental counselors who also worked there. Kandi turned to look at the clock on her night stand, it read 9pm. 'Finally' she said lowly then picked up the remote and changed the channel to Oxygen. Snapped is the name of the show that she tuned into every Thursday at 9pm faithfully. Kandi caught a slight chill on her neck. She shivered a little, then grabbed the soft purple velour blanket from the foot of her bed. She partially opened the blanket, then placed it neatly over her whole body. Her chills began to fade as she burrowed under the blanket to get more comfy. she smiled slightly as the opening credits rolled. She loved watching this show because it exposed people for who they really are as opposed to who they pretended to be. Unexpectedly the purple velour blanket that was draped neatly over her body began to move, Kandi knew she was alone and was startled by the sudden movement. when she tried to sit up to investigate the situation, is when she realized she could not move. She immediately panicked, Her thoughts were blanketed with fear and angst. Her eyes roamed frantically around in her head searching for an answer. All she could see was the TV program and the blanket that continued creep down her limp body. She was stiff and completely frozen. Just then a strange feeling over came her it was as if she was falling. She felt her stomach drop repeatedly. Kandi prayed that the eerie feeling would cease. 'Aaaahhhh, Help Me' she screamed in her head. Yet the blanket remained uninterrupted and continued to make its way down her paralyzed body. Frightened but determined to move, Kandi began shaking. Soon her body was shaking uncontrollably. Just when she thought all hope was lost she abruptly sat up. Her heart rapidly pounded in her chest, so swift that it sent vibrations into her eardrums. All Kandi wanted to do was find the culprit responsible for her unexplained turmoil. Her eyes continued combing the room as she gasped for air. There was no burglar in her presence, this gave her a brief moment of relief. The revelation was short-lived when Kandi noticed that she had not missed one portion of the tv show that was still on. Terrified and still out of breath she cautiously gazed down at the blanket. To her surprise the blanket was right where she first put it. Not knowing what to look for she began patting the blanket. Still no answer. 'It must have been a dream' she whispered to herself. With her heart still racing she laid back down. and immediately changed then channel. Kandi was almost certain that the phenomenon was real, but she had no proof. Who was responsible for moving her blanket? and how did she briefly lose control?? Kandi's head was filled unanswered questions. 'I must have dozed off' was all she could think to comfort herself, but it did not work. The strange feelings that Kandi acquired stayed with her throughout the night. Exhausted and unable to sleep Kandi just lay in bed wondering if it was really all a dream.
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