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The Award Winning Coolzen Weighted Blanket

by:Rhino     2021-03-28

Weighted blankets are not typically meant to replace your current comforter, but they are available in larger sizes that match mattress dimensions. If you opt for a weighted blanked that is the size of your bed, it should not hang off the side because then it can easily slide off the bed while you’re sleeping. According to one study, the deep touch pressure offered by the blanket “gives subjects the feelings of safety, relaxation and comfort,” helping to improve anxiety. While there isn’t a ton of weighted blanket research studies, DTP has been linked to a calming affect on both children and adults with anxiety, autism and attention difficulties. Rhino's Napper stands out from the crowd for its hand-knit design, which is both pleasing on the eye and incredibly functional.

Our unique glass beads are more durable and comfortable than plastic beads. We've developed a patented layered construction with air channels to keep air circulating and maintain a comfortable sleeping temperature. Our China weighted blanket factoryoffers cost-effective products in bulk for example Weighted blanket for sale online at genuine price. From standard to large sizes, our blankets are renowned for their quality.

We are emerging as a one of the China weighted blanket manufacturerswith our main focus on the quality of the fabric. At weighted blanket factory, we ensure an easy shopping experience for our customers all across the globe.

We have a few different sizes available, and they all serve slightly different purposes. This post is designed to help you know which one is best for you. Thank you for making it in white as well as multiple colors.

We share our knowledge, experience, and help in choosing the product that best suits your company's profile. This is possible because of our fast and efficient production and we have warehouses in three European countries. Discounts are available from the very first ordered product for our business partners. As a manufacture, we specialized in household and home textile for more than 10 years. Our factory covers 10000㎡ and has more than 150 employees.

Your personal styles and choices matter to us and this is why we manufacture a blanket of the finest quality. We are among the leading online China weighted blanket suppliersthat cover all your needs and desires in their collection. Now, scroll down through our list and place your order for blankets right away. Ideally, a weighted blanket should lay comfortably snug around your whole body so it can provide gentle, even pressure all over.

Once viewed as therapeutic tools used only by therapists, weighted blankets have become increasingly sought-after as a safe and gentle way to naturally relieve anxiety and improve sleep quality. Long before they became mainstream, weighted blankets were recognized as effective sleep and relaxation aids for people with anxiety, insomnia, ADHD, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Weighted blankets are also known for their efficacy at calming and comforting individuals on the autism spectrum, including children. These days, most people who purchase a weighted blanket are looking for a simple way to relax, de-stress, sleep soundly, and wake up feeling refreshed. My anxiety was the main reason I started researching weighted blankets and ultimately decided to try a bunch of them myself. If you’re interested in giving a weighted blanket a try, there are a few things you’ll want to consider while you shop.

That means you get the blanket that you want from our wide range of fabrics , prints and colours. Our customers tell us that it’s like wrapping your child in a hug that lasts the whole night. Its like the best part of a really heavy quilt and the best part of a thin blanket. You get all this fantastic compression, but the loose weave keeps you cool. Being gently cocooned in a comforting weight increases serotonin, making you feel positively happy. We guarantee a full refund on the purchase of your gravity blanket if you send it back before the 28 days from the delivery date.

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