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by:Rhino     2020-03-14
How much is a woolen blanket? We must to analyze from many aspects, material qualitative, brand, production process is the main factor that affect the price of wool blanket, the wool blanket we see in life according to the material classification can be divided into domestic wool (about Xinjiang and Tibet) Is better, wool imported material, of course, is the Australian wool, the wool exports to China's exports to the eu standard completely, imported wool blanket price will be expensive than those generally wool blanket! Hot and humid weather, in addition to close skin, dry, this side to skin, the moisture content in the body to discharge sweat, can quickly absorb and escaping. Of course, in addition to comfortable, air conditioning blanket of decorative and fashionable feeling also nots allow to despise, many beauty according to the household, it is seemingly inadvertently 'mirror'. Comfortable cotton, such as sleep on the soft cotton shu velveteen is a strong sense of innovation, high technology content of knitting fabric, broad consumer fashion fabrics again! Can be thin by summer, summer, air conditioning is used; In the spring and autumn and do the sheets can be spread in the body, comfortable and warm, soft and close-fitting, suitable for a first, is in the bed of the modern family all year round. A lot of friends have such question 'what is a good material air conditioning blanket? ', so small make up relevant knowledge about the blanket material are summarized, and share now. Blanket, the original is short for wool blanket bed, is the wool, mohair, rabbit hair, cashmere, camel hair, yak hair and other animal fiber, chemical fiber, such as, acrylic, viscose fiber and animal fiber and chemical fiber blended as the raw material made of. Both sides have rich villi and certain warmth retention woollen fabric can be called a blanket. Wool blanket figure cannot leave air conditioning in the summer night, with its soft packages, like lai in lover's arms so steadfast, have a good sleep. Work when I can put on the shoulder, cover the knees when night, wrapped in air conditioning room in summer, the hot cold, air-condition disease all give me a refund. Wool blanket figure different brand woolen blanket quotation is not the same, neat wool blanket wool surface, visual effects, one integrated mass, as well as the feel is basically the same large carpet, colorless difference big carpet very fine, high density, hair more fine and dense, choose red color, very suitable for marriage, the size is 200 * 240 cm, considered a lucky brand with excellent material, let the blanket quotation for 480. 00 yuan. Wool blanket figure general specification for the 150 x 180 x 220 cm, 200 cm and for pure cotton products. Technology has a plain weave, jacquard, discontinuity, shearing, etc. There are printed and plain. With more now is little thin quilt or coral blanket, both at the present stage whether to buy the gift of air conditioning, or go to home goods shop, is to use most, is the summer noon or evening rest, with lid, not accidentally catch a cold because of the air conditioning temperature is low. Wool blanket is qiu dong season use warm blankets, whether it's on the sofa watching TV, or reading a book in his study, or play the computer games, you can use it to keep out the cold. And wool blanket is a natural blanket, will feel very comfortable, people lying on blankets during sleep can bring you a equilibrium temperature, and the effect of moisture. Wool blanket is very soft and comfortable, come into contact with the skin will feel special comfortable, can let you have a warm and comfortable sleep.
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