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Raschel blanket raschel blanket advantages

by:Rhino     2020-03-09
Raschel blanket ( LASCHEL毛毯) Is one of the blanket, and is the best quality in the blanket. Rachel ( RASCHEL) Raw material is acrylic, because the weaving method for raschel weave, so the name for raschel fabric. Raschel blanket originated in Germany, the first is the interior of raw material, then the process of reform and progress, raschel blanket insulation resistance, more and more soft, fluffy coverage is strong, become a bedding fabrics. Raschel blanket is our country at present the most blankets, is also the most widely used in our country, exports the largest varieties of blankets. Its raw material is acrylic, compared with other textiles, advantages: first, the comfortable feel soft, not wool; Second, fluffy and exquisite, strong coverage, warm and breathe freely; Third, with the method of digital color, bright color, not easy fade, distinct patterns. Comfortable and soft, raschel blanket lay down instantly into warm and heat preservation lasting, help to improve and enhance the quality of our sleep. During the spring and autumn winter raschel blanket to keep warm, can be, as a thin close-fitting and breathable. Is one of the most popular fabric in acrylic raschel fabric, product texture soft, feel is exquisite, is used mainly for high-end bedding, blankets, fur coat decoration, high-grade fabric toy, car decoration, warm clothing, and so on. Raschel blanket maintenance and cleaning is important to note that when we save this kind of blanket will always blankets in the sun, and gently pat, have the effect of disinfection and cleaning. After I finish these have to do a detailed comb, drop a blanket to keep the blanket volume and softness. Finally, it is best to blankets into the bag again into the ark, to avoid squeezing. How about coral fleece coral fleece advantages coral fleece ( 珊瑚绒/珊瑚绒) Raw material is polyester fiber. Because of its soft, rich color, hair density, cover can do good, fine texture characteristics similar to coral, so its name coral fleece. Coral velvet soft, avoid color, not the ball, water imbibition is strong, just rise up, be used for bath towel bathrobe. Now, after the innovation of new production and processing technology, more and more goods choose coral fleece was used as material. Such as scarves, gloves, blankets, slippers, towels, pajamas and so on. Jiangsu changshu, shaoxing, zhejiang province is a major production base of coral fleece. Coral velvet, as a kind of popular fabrics, the advantages to be reckoned with, texture soft, fiber density is high, feel is exquisite, color is rich, beautiful appearance, no ball, no fading, insulation resistance, water imbibition is strong. But because it is the main raw material of fiber, so dry electrostatic tends to develop, and easy to floating hair, here recommend skin allergies, asthma or other respiratory diseases, infants and young children do not use. The coral fleece on market a variety of, then we how to discern the stand or fall of coral fleece. Observation, the high quality of coral fleece side neat and smooth, the back is relatively neatly, inferior coral top rugged, MAO in the sun will find that spot. Touch, smooth is excellent, difficult is the inferiority of quality. For excellent smell is a colorless, odorless, has obvious pungent smell for inferiority of quality. Raschel blanket or coral fleece blanket raschel blanket on price is much higher than that of coral fleece blankets, and heavier than coral fleece blankets. When we were in the choice should be based on the characteristics of two kinds of fabrics and their requirements in terms of appropriate choice.
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