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Popular Styles for Remodelling Your Kitchen

by:Rhino     2020-05-31
Remodelling your kitchen can be an effective way to increase your cooking space and make it a more pleasing area in which to enjoy family meals. Such a project gives you the opportunity to choose from a range of looks, so there should be plenty of scope for you to create a room that is both practical and stylish. Should you live in a period house or cottage, it is perhaps a good idea to have a kitchen that also draws on traditional design principles. Why not opt for a country-style kitchen? With this decor taking its cue from the rural rooms of the 19th and early 20th centuries, wood or wood-effect cabinets and surfaces are a common feature and they usually come in light colours. Designed to be bright and inviting, you can help create a country kitchen in your home by installing a central island unit and investing in retro kitchen accessories, such as enamel crockery and a pressure cooker. Alternatively, an old world kitchen could be a style that really appeals. Dating even further back than country kitchens, these rooms are influenced by the cooking spaces of the medieval era. To achieve this look, you should purchase distressed wooden cabinets, while any modern appliances ought to be concealed. Natural materials - as opposed to manmade ones - are the order of the day here, with stone floors and exposed brickwork and plaster common features. Finish off the remodelling project by getting accessories that have either a pewter or copper finish to them and you can be confident of having an authentic old world-style room. If you live in a recently-built property though, and/or the rest of your home has a modern decor, it is likely to be a better idea to choose a contemporary kitchen. Here, you will discover fixtures and fittings usually crafted from manmade materials like chrome, frosted glass and stainless steel that help to create a sleek, minimalistic look. However, these kitchens are not only built to look good but are also extremely practical, with many coming with floor-to-ceiling cupboards designed to give plenty of storage space, while also freeing up your work surfaces. Should this be a style that you're keen to have in your home, you will need to pay careful consideration to your kitchen lighting. In contemporary rooms, light fittings are often concealed into the ceiling, while you may want to use triangular downlights to brighten up dark spaces. If you're struggling to decide whether you would prefer a modern or traditional-style kitchen, why not for go a transitional room? Combining elements of period and contemporary kitchens, here you will find traditional fixtures, such as farmhouse sinks, crafted from high-quality modern materials. Bamboo flooring is another common feature here - this helps to lighten the colour palette and keep the overall room looking bright - while appliances are usually left exposed, instead of being concealed by screens. For a really retro style, there is nothing like an art deco kitchen. By choosing to model your home on the style principles of this iconic era, you should be looking to get elegantly designed wooden cabinets. To create a truly authentic art deco room, you may also want to add backsplashes in light pastel colours, buy white appliances and have a floor that uses linoleum to create a striking geometric pattern. Regardless of the kitchen style you choose to go for, by investing in the right homeware products, you can be confident of creating a space that is both beautiful and practical to use.
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