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People to identify the quality of wool is not good at it, mainly from the appearance to judge the merits of the woolen blanket. Wool blanket, the choose and buy should choose

by:Rhino     2020-03-06
Wool blanket is dry after cleaning up, of wool blanket to dry when you can't use hanger to dry. Tile is the best way to dry in a cool, ventilated place. After drying of work to do is to clear the hair bulb on the wool blanket, so these woolen blanket of badminton is how to remove? The simplest method is to use scissors, but be sure not to tear off the hair bulb, because can make woolen yarn. Wool blanket figure made light neutral soap flakes or senior detergent soap, air conditioning blanket in clean water soak through first, and then to squeeze will be filed after water in soap gently knead by hand pressure, after wash, reoccupy clear water is rinsed repeatedly several times. When rinsed in pure blankets in the last times, but in about one or two white vinegar, can make the air conditioning carpet bright as new after washing. Wool blanket is qiu dong season use warm blankets, whether it's on the sofa watching TV, or reading a book in his study, or play the computer games, you can use it to keep out the cold. And wool blanket is a natural blanket, will feel very comfortable, people lying on blankets during sleep can bring you a equilibrium temperature, and the effect of moisture. Wool blanket is very soft and comfortable, come into contact with the skin will feel special comfortable, can let you have a warm and comfortable sleep. On the market are now made of the air conditioning down blanket, softness and comfort are better, but the quilt cover bad choice when out of the pile. Should not be washed at core, can be drying. Although air conditioning blanket can use washing machine, but also pay attention to other places. A, air conditioning blanket can't use hot water to wash. Second, after air conditioning blanket wash with detergent, to wash a few times more with water, dry. Spring, warm, light with shu velveteen air conditioning blanket, feeling the warm embrace; Summer, air conditioning refrigeration kept blowing, cool and comfortable, but easy to catch a cold, cover with shu velveteen air conditioning blanket, comfortable, breathable, no longer hot, but I do not feel the cold. Feel fullness, ultra soft super smooth, delicate soft, such as baby skin comfortable cotton wool carpet, air conditioning make you I enjoy the warm seasons. Wool blanket figure comfortable cotton, such as sleep on the soft cotton shu velveteen is a strong sense of innovation, high technology content of knitting fabric, broad consumer fashion fabrics again! Can be thin by summer, summer, air conditioning is used; In the spring and autumn and do the sheets can be spread in the body, comfortable and warm, soft and close-fitting, suitable for a first, is in the bed of the modern family all year round. A lot of people like the cause of the blanket, not only because they are super comfortable, but it's like in the bed is tasted suit, combining the characteristics of functional and personality is distinct, especially when stay in the home, often can use it, even as a shawl to match. Although the retro wool blanket is relatively rare nowadays, but there are still some manufacturers and brand in production. Wool blanket figure see softness and fastness. The main difference is that the air conditioning blanket is rare yarn product or raw yarn products, cooked yarn soft, durable, absorb sweat, strong raw yarn feel hard, weak absorbent. If feel is not obvious, with a little water, blanket drip from 30 centimeters high to air conditioning, water droplets immediately absorbed by towel is cooked yarn, slowly absorbed the raw yarn. Custom wholesale high quality air conditioning blanket, seek xinchangxian textile, better service, better quality, more variety, whatever you want to customize the wholesale air conditioning blanket, we will achieve for you. Air conditioning bamboo fiber carpet also is right choice, previously we have seen numerous advantages of bamboo fiber products is, is the good of natural health products. Compared with pure cotton blanket air conditioning, the most intuitive feelings at the moment is to contact them, cotton blanket and comfortable warmth, bamboo fiber blanket silky cool, no matter what kind of air conditioning carpet is a good choice.
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