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Parents for baby care more cautious, always caring. Parents afraid baby catch cold catch cold, cold, can choose to build something for the baby. in

by:Rhino     2020-03-11
Baby can I cover the blanket for the baby can cover the blanket, according to the indoor temperature, usually have no too many requirements, it is ok to do regular check. The baby safe sleep advice a one-year-old baby develops in sudden infant death syndrome, and many have occurred in sleep. In order to ensure the safety of the baby have a sleep. 1, in the first year of the birth of a new baby should sleep bent back, don't lie prone to sleep. 2, don't use sleeping posture positioning equipment, don't rolled the baby with a blanket, because this can lead to smother. 3, don't give the baby to sleep or water bed, soft mattress should sleep hard mattress. Otherwise, the baby may be turned around in sleep, soft mattress will buried their faces, let they can't breathe. 4, wrapped in your baby if you want to, be sure to use safety skills. Is to ensure that the air circulation, and the baby has enough space to move their legs. 5, before one year old, do not use soft bedding, such as pillows, blankets. Cover the blanket for baby, won't affect the baby. However, parents should also understand or remember what the above mentioned to the baby safe sleep matters needing attention. After all, this is a great event for the baby, also may have unpredictable consequences. Parents must take good care of the baby, ensure the safety of the baby.
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