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New blanket do you want to wash?

by:Rhino     2020-03-09
Believe that many people will buy new blanket to don't wash wondered, newly bought a blanket can be used directly? Small make up to tell you, new blanket must first washed before use. But some people still buy the new blanket used directly, but, a lot of people's skin is so, visible new blanket be available must be washed. Blanket before leaving the factory don't after cleaning and disinfection, dyeing materials during production also remain in the blanket, so new blanket need cleaning. Blanket in the process of packaging, because of manufacturing machines and production workers will be very easy to make dirty blankets, especially the small manufacturer, factory environment is not very good, therefore, more need to new buy blanket for cleaning. Blanket in the process of transportation, loading and unloading and transportation on the way, avoid the pollution of dust. In order to we can use comfortable, suggest to clean. New blanket after cleaning, can reduce the blanket rub off problems caused by the printing and dyeing, and, more importantly, cleaned blanket use rise more comfortable more intimate safer. Blanket cleaning: machine wash: fold blanket roll into the net bag in the washing machine, using general detergents, cleaning at room temperature. Hand washing: blanket flat stacked into cylinder, using general household detergent, soak 20 - at room temperature 30 minutes, with the hand gently squeezing or foot. Basin with neutral soap flakes or senior detergent in the laundry soap into 20 degrees or so pale, after stay in clean water soak through the blanket, put forward to moisture and then gently into the soap gently knead by hand pressure, after wash, reoccupy clear water is rinsed repeatedly several times. After you wash it to empty the water in the bath do not twist dry blanket with the hand, or blanket will be out of shape. Dry blanket had better use two parallel bamboo pole set up, then put the blanket on the dry in shade slowly shade, avoid direct exposure in the sun, in case the blanket fade deformation. 吗?
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