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Necessary bedding sheets is living in the life, so what is a good fabric sheet is very important, it directly affects the quality of your sleep

by:Rhino     2020-04-02
A, what is a good fabric sheet 1, pure cotton feel is good, design is rich, moisture absorption is strong, washable, with static electricity, less is better a bedding. 2, yarn dyed yarn-dyed is in a kind of pure cotton fabric, dyed before weaving, the permeability of the dye is stronger, yarn-dyed, good fastness, stereo sense is strong, unique style, has the characteristics of pure cotton fabric, is a kind of fabric you prefer. 3, high density cotton jacquard fabric density of the fabric is large, and rich texture changes, so the fabric handle is thick, good durability, mainly to light up the instinctive quality of flowers, appear elegant chic, all is pure cotton fabrics in one of the more advanced. 4, terylene tc ratio is 65% polyester and 35% cotton fabric, and terylene also can be divided into two kinds of plain and twill. Plain weave twill face thin, strength and abrasion resistance is better, shrinkage of small, durable, and more affordable price. 5, silk, silk fabric has natural soft light effect, very comfortable, the intensity is high,, and good elasticity and moisture absorption of pure cotton. Which is better between two, washing cotton and cotton material are good. The owners when choosing sheets should choose according to different fields, both performance and requirements may be different, so the concrete would be better to choose what kind of fabric this problem requires a combination of different demand. All in all, both have some advantages of each other. Washing cotton advantages: washing cotton is a natural cotton or polyester fiber as raw materials through some special craft processing and become a kind of fabrics. Washing cotton is widely applied in various fields, in personal life, can be used as a clothing fabrics, bedding, toys, etc. Its main features are washable, tension is better, this is pure cotton can't match; More soft, soft, not easy deformation and discoloration. At the same time, washing cotton insulation also not bad. The birth of washing cotton complied with the some requirements of The Times, has its corresponding social background. Today, washing cotton also constantly in the development of improved, their needs will be bigger and bigger. Advantages: pure cotton and pure cotton is cotton as raw material, after textile and become a kind of fabrics. In practice, as the raw material of cotton and cotton fabric can be divided into primary and regeneration of two kinds of cotton fabrics. Some of the features of pure cotton, believe that most people know. First is its relatively strong water absorbing moisture absorption ability, this is obviously better than washing cotton, but also affected some of its features. Heat preservation and heat resistant performance of believe that as we know. Pure cotton clothing thermal insulation effect is very good, especially in the winter we feel will be more profound; Heat the performance makes cotton is more durable. Cotton is alkali resistance, but afraid of acid. That is about what is a good fabric sheet, washing cotton and pure cotton related content which is better, hope can help to you!
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