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Low-Key Not Low-Cut Is the Key to Mature Ladies Wear

by:Rhino     2020-07-23
One of the signs of getting older is walking into a clothes shop you used to love and realising that you can no longer wear what it sells! Although this can feel rather sad, really it's a good thing. There is nothing worse than trying to wear the same outfits you wore at 20 once you reach 45. It is far better to enjoy the fact that your tastes mature with your age and to dress and accessorise accordingly. That said, it can be rather tricky to find clothes that are age-appropriate as well as occasion-appropriate. It is all too easy to fall into the 'jeans and a top' rut, especially when jeans seem to be worn for smarter as well as casual occasions these days. However, all it takes is a little effort and imagination and you can transform your wardrobe with some gorgeous mature ladies wear. The first point to note is that mature women look better in more classic styles. Let the younger women try to keep up with fashion's ever changing trends: you can shine in classic lines, feminine colours and timelessly elegant clothes. Those elements are the key to mature ladieswear. Forget extravagant patterns and bright colours; gravitate towards plain colours in cheery and feminine, rather than garish, tones. A word about colour: it is a must. Do not fall into the trap of wearing black and dull colours. Fuchsia, lilac and green are all wonderful colours that are cheerful and classic at the same time, especially on older ladies' dresses. Similarly, classic cuts and fits look wonderful on mature women. Think classic tailoring rather than this season's shapes. Importantly, dress to suit yourself. By now, you should know exactly what suits your shape. Stick with what you know you feel and look fabulous in, whether that's straight-legged trousers or polo neck tops. Whatever you choose, remember that the subtle approach is usually best. You may see some mature women clinging onto the low-cut tops of their youth, but this seldom does them any favours. Avoiding the temptation to flash too much flesh is almost always the more glamorous option. Similarly, the clingy clothes of days gone by should be a distant memory. Your outfits now should not be too tight or indeed too baggy: create a ladylike silhouette by wearing clothes that fit you well, yet modestly. Simplicity suits the mature woman, especially when it comes to accessories. A simple yet stunning necklace will draw admiring glances from those around you; a small pair of matching earrings tops off the effect.
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