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Living Up to the Price - Presenting a Property For Sale

by:Rhino     2020-07-09
There are more property market-related TV shows than ever nowadays, and if the ratings prove to be right they do not go unwatched. People from all walks of life turn out to be minor authorities on the intricate etiquette of the housing market, and we are socially more aware of the ways in which one can go about presenting a property to help make sure you get the best price possible. In this article we're going to look at a few ideas geared towards success in the seller's market, and see how some of these tried and tested ideas can work to your advantage in the sale of your property. Market value is of course the basis for going about presenting your property to sell; you need to know this and be aware of its implications before tweaking and attending to minor details will have any great effect. As a seller, it's essential to know how the property is listed in order to get an idea of how the property will be received. Taking a quick step back and imagining yourself in the position of the buyer should allow you the edge of objectivity needed to highlight any potentially incongruous areas that do not hold true to the character of the property. There is an irreducible psychology to selling a property, in that the removable elements play a huge part in describing the potential of the house, though they are invariably the only parts not being bought in the sale. Bearing this in mind you can dress a room in a variety of different ways to say something different about it in each case; for example a few brocade cushions and a damask or rococo style mirror could be a small investment but would bring a modern and classic style to the living space with minimum effort and maximum room for the buyer's imagination to branch out. Being sure not to insist on one particular style is essential, as this can deter buyers who had something else planned for their property. Cleanliness is of course essential, but this can be taken to extremes, and you want to be careful not to scour the property, not to sterilize the features but simply showing them in their untouched state, so that the buyer can already move in mentally to the property and begin to live there in the duration of the viewing. Again, dressing the property to suit the buyer needn't be as costly or as difficult as you might think; some unusual plants, a few attention-drawing accessories and features here and there can work to drape an atmosphere over the property that previously might have contended with your tastes. If you are lucky and have trusting friends, real luxury items can be borrowed to occupy a space and give real personality - it is only the lasting impression you need to create, and borrowing a few stage props is hardly cheating too much. Above all, get inside the mind of the potential buyer, and be aware of the property that's on the market; don't try to offer a rustic cottage when what you've got is a modern town house - stick to simplicity to get the best results. Soft furnishings such as Cushions, well-placed mirrors, as well as the maintaining of uncluttered, open arrangements that get the imagination flowing are the sure ways to success.
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