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Job Vs Business Owner

by:Rhino     2020-06-24
Why do we work and make that commitment day in and day out every single day, month after month, year after year giving 120% to a company who we work for? The answer is the majority of the time we do this is to provide for our families, and work week after week just to get by. Many people are working extremely hard with the reward of just getting by living paycheck to paycheck which is sad. We invest so much time into companies we don't own to provide for our families. What is it that we enjoy about working for someone else? Is it the measly raises that we inquire every 6 months to a year? Is it the micro management we enjoy from someone in a 'higher' position than us watching our every move even when going to the bathroom? Or is it the fact that you enjoy awaiting on another person to tell you based on their outlook on your performance if your ready to move up in the company? Which one is it? You decide! Most people would argue that working a 'JOB' is a security blanket. I'm here to tell you today that there is no such thing as a security blanket in today's economy. We cannot allow nor be accustom to allowing a company to determine our future and our families future based on the companies performance in the economy. I've heard a lot of individuals tell me 'Well, I'm comfortable right now.' That's the problem today. People get too comfortable and success is not built around being comfortable. Success is evolved around being uncomfortable and doing things most people don't do. That's how success is created. I'm not saying quit your job. Still invest that 120% that you give at work at your 'JOB'. But what I am saying is to take action today so when that day comes when your boss comes to you and says ' I'm sorry to inform you but unfortunately we have to let you go due to our profit last quarter not being where we needed it to be.' Or even worse they cut you right before your retirement so they save tons of money. It sounds harsh, but it does happen. I strongly recommend you start investing time today into YOU, YOUR families future, and even more importantly reaching a level of success where you can help the families and people who actually need the help, and be not only blessed but a blessing through God's grace. Quit making excuses and get started today! Invest in your future, so when that day comes when your Boss approaches you its not a tragedy, but a sign of relief knowing you planned in advance for your family's future!
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