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How to Choose a Horse Blanket

by:Rhino     2020-06-09
Do you know how to select the correct horse blanket? There are many horse blanket variations. They differ in size, durability, warmth, design and color. To choose the correct horse blanket, it is necessary to determine the proper size for your horse and the type of weather your horse will be exposed to when needing a blanket. This article will assist you in determining what's right for you. How to measure your horse for a blanket Measure from the center of the horse's chest horizontally to the middle of the horse's tail along the fullest part of the horse. This is the measurement needed for the horse's blanket. Based on manufacturer, there may be some slight variations to this measurement. Some may recommend adding two inches to the results while others do not. Note: American made horse blanket sizes run in increments of two inches. If your horse's measurement is between sizes, order the next larger size. Is your horse going to be exposed to cold or wet weather conditions? Is your horse clipped? If your horse is clipped, you will need more blanket protection than an un-clipped horse. It's recommended that you choose a blanket with a greater neck closure. Below are some variations between the blanket needs of a clipped horse verses an un-clipped horse. Clipped Horse Guidelines Fahrenheit Temperature 45A�-55A� - Turnout sheet 35A�-45A� - Medium weight blanket or a turnout sheet with a fleece liner 25A�-35A� - Heavy or medium weight blanket with a fleece liner 15A�-25A� - Heavy or medium weight blanket with a blanket liner 5A�-15A� - Heavy weight blanket with a fleece liner Below 5A� - Heavy weight blanket with a blanket liner Un-clipped Horse Guidelines 45A�-55A� - No sheet needed 35A�-45A� - Rain sheet during wet weather 15A�-35A� - Medium weight blanket or a sheet with a fleece liner 5A�-15A� - Heavy or medium weight blanket with a fleece liner Below 05A� - Heavy or medium weight blanket with a blanket liner Is the blanket you chose strong enough for your needs? The strength of the fabric is a key ingredient in purchasing the right blanket. The lower the denier thread count, the less durable the blanket will be. If you're looking for a blanket that will last, look for a thread count of at least 1200. How much fiber filling should you look for in a blanket? A medium weight blanket typically has 180 to 220 grams of fiber A heavy weight blanket usually has 300 to 400 grams of fiber Do you need a waterproof blanket? Teflon coated blanket keep the horse dry and allows air to circulate to prevent the horse from sweating Whichever blanket you choose, be sure to follow the care instructions so your investment will last a long time.
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