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Homemade Gifts for Babies

by:Rhino     2020-05-16
Welcoming a new baby into the home is always a joyous occasion. To make it even more special, you might consider a few homemade items to wrap and dress your new bundle of joy and to adorn his or her room. The following are a few handmade gift ideas to make for your new baby or as a gift for an upcoming baby shower: Blanket - Bringing a baby home from the hospital is such a special day. Having a handmade blanket to wrap them in and keep them warm is one of the most special things you can make for your new baby. Blankets are simple to make and can be easily customized to your preferences. The first step to making a blanket is a trip to the fabric store to purchase two fabric pieces that you love- a soft cotton or flannel print for the front and a plush minky solid fabric for the back makes a great blanket. Next, place fabrics right sides together and sew around the outside, being sure to leave an opening of a few inches on one side to turn the blanket right side out. Finally, after you've sewn the blanket and turned it right side out, finish the blanket by top stitching around the entire blanket, making sure to sew the opening shut as well. Bath set- Hooded towels are a fun and necessary accessory to keep babies warm after their bath. There are quite a few online tutorials for making your own hooded towels from a regular towel and matching wash cloth. If you're making it for someone else, pair the towel with a bottle of baby wash and lotion and you'll have the perfect gift. Clothing - There are so many little clothing items to make for babies, each perfect in their own way. Baby girls can never have too many ribbons, bows and headbands- all easy accessories to make. Embellished 'one-sies' are also a great clothing item to make for babies. Purchase a package of plain 'one-sies' - white or colored - and embellish them with buttons, fabric flowers, and fabric appliqu?�s (animals, shapes, bow ties, etc.). Another darling homemade item that is easy to make are matching ties for your new baby and his older brother or father. After you choose the fabric you like, the baby ties require minimal sewing and free patterns can easily be found online.
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