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Have You Ever Experienced A Detox Steam Treatment

by:Rhino     2020-07-08
Want to lose 1100 calories in 15 minutes? Have you ever enjoyed a steam detox therapy in a cedar barrel? If you have, you know what I'm talking about. We spent our summer vacation in Orlando, Florida and I had enjoyed my first ever steam bath with a Swedish massage afterwards. If you wish, you may enjoy a nice glass of wine, water, or soft drink before you go into the barrel. The staff was very accommodating and we were treated like royalty. That occurred at the beginning of the vacation and it took all my restraint to not go back for more. Well, my willpower didn't hold out, and I went back on our last day in Orlando for another cedar barrel steam and this time for a deep tissue massage. Now I'm trying to figure out how to get there more often, considering this was only the second time in my life I had been to Florida. To my knowledge, this is the only cedar barrel steam system in Florida, and possibly in the United States, or at least only one of a slim few. The unique steam system of the cedar barrel gently warms up a human body causing perspiration and detoxification of the whole organism. Dilated vessels, increased blood flow, decreased blood pressure, improved metabolism are few of the multiple effects of the system. Cedar Barrel is a proven effective system to support anti-aging and weight-loss programs. You lose approximately 1100 calories in 15 minutes. For those who live in the Orlando area, you are so fortunate to have a treasure near you. For those of us who don't live in the area, there is a second best - a portable Sauna Unit or a Sauna Blanket that you can lose approximately 600 calories in 30 minutes. As Per Talk Show Host Dr Oz 'Infrared Saunas will lower your blood pressure, burn calories, and sweat out toxins!!' Portable Sauna Unit or a Sauna Blanket Overview: Saunas are very safe. Water, sharp items like knives or nails, and touching the heating element during operation will have no harmful effect to you or your skin. You will not need to worry as the systems are tested to the UL standards and also run on low-voltage energy. Even if the outer fabric was removed, you could turn the unit on and not receive a shock. What is the definition of FAR Infrared (FIR)? Infrared heat comes from the sun and is essential for all life. Besides the infrared rays, you also receive ultra-violet rays. The infrared heat have the healthy benefits of natural sunlight and the UV rays have the dangerous damages. An infrared sauna blanket or an infrared sauna unit is able to penetrate well below the skin, which is beneficial for temporary relief of minor muscle pain, joint pain, arthritis, muscle spasms, relieving stiffness, and relaxing muscle tissue. Between the two, the sauna unit is better than a blanket. The sauna blanket usually has a plastic smell and is more confining than the unit. You are able to sit in a sauna unit and it takes up less floor space than a sauna blanket in use. For more information on Portable Sauna Units and Sauna Blankets that you can use at home please read on.
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