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Have A First Aid Kit For Your Car

by:Rhino     2020-06-05
Like most drivers, you probably long for those days when you get to take your vehicle out on the open road. You can take lengthy road trips to places you've never been to before and pass through beautiful parts of the country that you never knew existed. The road is stretching off into the distance and you're ready to see where it can take you. All you need are some snacks, some good music, a friend or two, and a little extra gas money. This sounds like the perfect recipe for a memorable road trip. Before you leave, you should make sure you have one other item: A first aid kit. You may not realize it, but a first aid kit is one of the most important things you can keep inside your car. And because this kit is kept in your car, it has to be put together in a very particular way. Here are some tips to help you get started planning your vehicle first aid and safety kit. It will be much easier to enjoy your trip when you know you can be safe, too. In many ways, the first aid kit you keep in your vehicle is much like the one you would keep in your house or in your desk at work. You will need some adhesive bandages and antibiotic ointment or cream, some medical tape, gauze, safety scissors, and the phone numbers to local emergency services. What makes your vehicle kit different than the one you keep at home is the size and scope of the kit. You need to keep everything very compact, which means that you can't have anything unnecessary taking up space. That said, you also have to be ready for some situations that simply wouldn't come up if you were at home. So what exactly does this mean? The box you keep adhesive bandages, gauze, and ointment in should be durable and watertight. Rigid plastic or metal is recommended. At home, your first aid kit is probably sitting quietly in a drawer or medicine cabinet. In a car, a first aid kit can get bumped, dropped, thrown around, and kicked under a seat. It has to be able to withstand an auto accident in addition to daily driving activity. You should also consider having a safety blanket and some shelf stable candy or snacks in your vehicle's first aid kit. A safety blanket is a large Mylar sheet that folds up very small but has the ability to keep a person very warm. If you are stranded somewhere overnight, you'll need a safety blanket to wrap around yourself. Hard candy and protein bars are handy to have because they'll last in their packages for a long time and will give you a much-needed boost if you need to walk to the nearest gas station for help. You aren't likely to have either of these items in your home or office first aid kit, but be certain that they're safely tucked into your vehicle's kit. If you aren't confident in your ability to assemble a road-ready first aid kit, you can easily buy one that's made up for you. Camping supply stores, outdoor retailers, automotive supply shops, and department stores all carry vehicle and travel size first aid kits. That way you can simply add an extra item or two and be ready to go. Keeping yourself safe on the road is easy when you have the right supplies. Make sure your next road trip is safe and comfortable for everyone.
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