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Draperies is a very common household articles for use in our lives, to use for four days in a year. Because we often want to change the cleaning draperies,

by:Rhino     2020-03-25
First one, decided to size and thickness of the first we have to determine is sheet size and thickness. The size of the sheets is mainly decided according to the size of your bed, so long as is bigger than the bed 50 centimeters. Thickness is mainly use day festival, is the need to buy cotton wool? Or thin models? Note not too thick, but sheets clean trouble do not say, it also not comfortable to sleep, but it is not the thinner the good, too thin is not durable, and dirt will run through the sheet on the following cladding. Two, and then choose the choice of appropriate color sheet color is also very important, mainly is generally and the main color coordinate of the room, at the same time also want to combine the character to select. For example, purple romantic and elegant, but not suitable for patients with heart disease. Young people use the green sheet, green, give a person the sense with upward, flabby impatience, relieve pressure. Middle age is suitable for the use of color sheet, blue can fall blood pressure, for insomnia phenomenon is also improved, old people is also suitable for this color. Then, try to choose warm color department in the winter, red, orange, etc. Three, select fabrics fabrics choose decides the comfort of sleep, is now more common fabric with polyester/cotton, cotton and flax. If is the pursuit of comfortable, it is suggested that choose pure cotton bed sheet, hygroscopicity good, feel soft and durable. Linen sheets, also is the old coarse, feels a bit is not smooth, but is good for skin care. The crisp sheets, thick not easy corrugate. Polyester cotton bed sheet mixed with polyester fiber, bright color, good quick drying, but is not recommended to choose, to bad skin, sensitive skin rash may occur. That is about to choose draperies knowledge points related introduction, hope can help to you!
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