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Double tenth, 12-12, every year there is always a lot of friends at taobao for their loved ones bedding four sets. Because they are comfortable bed covered 4 times, flat

by:Rhino     2020-04-25
One of the most common on the market at present, pure cotton bed sheet is pure cotton material, it is a type of the sheet, the ventilation. So, a lot of people are now made of pure cotton sheets, they are not only economical, and application range is very wide. Although it is soft and comfortable, but it's easy to shrink, time to recover after cleaning is difficult. 2, polyester, polyester fiber is a kind of synthetic fiber, now many sheets are made of this material. It has the advantage of good wrinkle resistance and the conformal, strength and good smooth crisp, washable quick-drying, but at the same time there are also feel hard, soft tactility, poor luster, and the poor permeability and hygroscopicity. Polyester sheet prices are low, because the fabric is rough, sleep uncomfortable, sensitive person also easy allergy of the skin. Three, blended blending sheet is mainly refers to a combination of polyester and cotton fabrics is made and be become, it has the comfort and permeability of pure cotton, and has the characteristics of polyester is not easy to shrink. Blends of sheet on the market at present prices are high and low grade, basically be to see the cotton content and work. Therefore, when choosing blended sheets, it is important to note that the cotton content. Four, satin, satin sheets manufacturing technology than pure cotton, polyester and blended material sheets to more advanced, and it is a very good fabric. The density of the fabric is higher, so the bed sheet made of thick. More than what is on the sheets fabrics comfortable related content, hope can help to you!
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