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Dog Coats - A Cold Weather Necessity For Large

by:Rhino     2020-07-03
There was a time when no self-respecting dog owner would even dream about punishing their pet by putting them into a coat. The major reason for this was due primarily to the poor quality and design of dog coats. They left a great deal to be desired. Often, they were poorly designed, with cheap fabric that often was likely to rip and tear very quickly. They were totally unable to stand up to the tough demands of a dog's daily coats were in a sorry state of affairs. It was not just the pet owners who turned their noses up at them; dogs were equally unhappy and resistant when it came to wearing them. A long-standing joke within the dog owner community was that the quickest and surest way to ruin a Saturday afternoon was to try to put a coat on your dog. They were awkwardly designed and this meant that the owner would have to often force their dog into a position that would enable the owner to finally get the coat on. Thankfully, dog coats have come a long way in recent years. They have been redesigned and improved over time and this means that dog owners can now easily use them whenever the weather dictates. In fact, the dog coat market has become one of the fastest growing niches within the world of dog products. What this has meant is that there is now an ever-increasing number of companies that are willing to stock such items and the selection and uses for these products has grown. Unfortunately this growth poses a whole new set of challenges and problems for the average dog owner. The reason for this is simple. Many dog owners are quite satisfied to make a purchase from the first retailer of dog coats that they come across. In other words, they do not do any due diligence and as a result they leave themselves wide open to a disappointing purchase. With that in mind then, please consider the following points before purchasing a coat for your dog: 1) Choose dog coats that are darker in color. While your preference maybe for a lighter toned color, or shade, this is not practical given the active nature of dogs. Put bluntly, as soon as the dog decides roll about in the mud or in the grass the coat will become extremely dirty and will require washing. 2) What is the actual purpose of the coat? Is it being purchased to provide a measure of protection from the weather so your pet does not suffer from the cold? Or is it purely for fashion purposes to have your dog make a fashion statement? 3) Make sure you determine just how easy it is going to be to get the coat on and off your dog. If it is very difficult to get it on or off properly then your dog will fight you and end up making life tougher for both of you. 4) Be sure to measure your dog carefully before purchasing a dog coat as there are many coats specifically designed for larger dogs as well as small dog coats that will fit even the littlest teacup. Paying attention to these criteria will result in a much more satisfactory purchase for both you and your pet.
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