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Do you know? Color can produce different psychological stimulation to people, and had different effects to the body. So, choose sheet may not want to choose is very beautiful, you should also

by:Rhino     2020-04-09
Red sheets: insomnia, neurasthenia, cardiovascular patients avoid is used a couple of general bedroom likes to use bright red sheets, symbol thriving, add a festive atmosphere. Red can stimulate the human nervous system, increased adrenaline secretion, promote the blood circulation, but long time contact red, will make people anxiety, some patients with insomnia, neurasthenia, cardiovascular disease more unfavorable use red sheets, so as to avoid aggravating illness. Peak green sheet: relieve nervous tension, green for impatient people in the middle position in the color spectrum, so represents the balance, have a calm mood. Emotional instability, irritable, bedroom appropriate use peak green sheet, can relieve tension. In general, the sheets had better choose the color of quietly elegant. Yellow sheet: orange refreshing, golden cause mood swings the elderly bedroom appropriate with shallow orange sheet, can induce appetite, help to absorb calcium, refreshing at the same time, make the mood delectation, can relieve headaches, fever, the symptom such as insomnia. Instead, golden color easy to create emotional instability, so people with depression and bipolar disorder is unfavorable use golden sheet. Blue sheet: suitable for computer, white-collar clan people with high blood pressure or heart disease, had better be in the bed of the bedroom a layer of pale blue sheet, can make blood pressure drops, pulse back to normal. In addition, an informal white-collar clan and at the computer all day, also suitable for blue sheet. Purple sheets: careful with purple heart patients can maintain the potassium balance, have the effect of the tranquilize mind, but it for motor nerve and heart system have depressive effect, so the heart patients should be carefully chosen. Pink sheets: autism, spirit is depressed suitable let sorehead see pink, the mood will be cool faster, because the pink can reduce human adrenal hormone secretion, make the mood stable, is the right choice of autism, spirit is depressed. In addition, the spring and summer temperatures are comparatively high, should choose the cool color that pure and fresh quietly elegant is sheet, thin fabrics should also be some; The temperature drops the autumn and winter seasons, the weather was cold, the color of the sheet should tend to warm color department, thick fabric selection.
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