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by:Rhino     2020-03-03
█ blanket maintenance > > wool blanket is good, woolen blanket daily maintenance methods █ blanket price > > 【 Coral fleece. Price of coral fleece, coral fleece blankets blankets, one of the people are very familiar with bedding, has always been one of the necessary articles for daily use. Especially in the summer and winter seasons, winter need thick warm blanket, and summer need thin cool blanket, blanket is very important to our life, so to speak. So people to blanket the attention is also very high, how to wash the blankets, daily life and how to maintain a blanket? Let's take a look at how to wash blanket and blanket maintenance skills. 吗? How to wash a lot of people think that all the blankets blanket can use the same method to clean, so the family of a blanket whatever material is soaked with warm water after cleaning, all this method is not actually fighting for. To know each blanket because different materials, the cleaning method will be different, more or less, then, how to clean these blankets to? 1, the wool blanket cleaning wool blanket is made of high quality wool, it is the rightness cannot directly into the washing machine to clean, high speed rotation can be to choose hand wash or dry cleaners clean the two methods. Hand washing wool blanket prior to soak in cold water for a period of time, after being fully wet blanket with soap daub, gently rub to clean. When cleaning should pay attention to not twist dry blanket, squash with the hand only moisture, so as to maintain the shape of the blanket. 2, chemical fibber blanket cleaning method of this kind of blanket is more on the market, is the main common polyester and acrylic both, because the blanket is made of synthetic fiber, the fiber structure of internal is relatively strong, so can directly use the washing machine to clean. Before cleaning with temperature is 20 degrees or so the warm water soak for a while, add the washing machine wash. Washed by hand, of course, the effect is better, but should pay attention to machine wash or hand wash can direct drying blankets, but with the hand gently press blankets, slowly will be air-dried, most of the water after extrusion to cannot insolate directly. 3, ordinary blanket cleaning blanket cleaning up also is compared commonly simple, or immerse first, put a blanket in a basin of around 20 degrees with neutral soap flakes clean water soak for a period of time, after being saturated blanket, knead gently with the hand pressure, extrusion blankets in the soap water, then rub pressure so repeated over and over again, until clean blanket, reoccupy clear water is clean a few times repeatedly. But pay attention to the blanket not twist dry, but only pressure, finally wash can also add some white vinegar to wash, so can make color more bright beautiful, such as the new carpets. 吗? Blanket daily maintenance skills though blanket is our favorite bedding, but relative to the quilt, use frequency is not particularly high, so need a good daily maintain, so how to maintain the blanket, what are the maintenance skills? 1, blankets dirt is overweight, can gently shake or with objects gently pat or is patted to remove dust with a feather duster. 2, daily use also should pay attention to avoid dirty blankets, if accidentally spilled drink, can gently with towel and 40 degrees of warm water to wipe, if pollution is severe, can use weak alkaline detergent to clean. 3, blanket cleaning drying after must pay attention to the places choose ventilated breathe freely, not easy exposure, it is best to dry ventilation shade. After four, blankets need not well stored, can be a cover layer on the surface cover, not the accumulation of dust, at the same time, the best in the ventilated breathe freely, and don't wet. Conclusion: blanket cleaning is not our imagination of so simple, but you also don't think too complicated, but when it's clean as the case may be, in order to better maintain the blanket, prolong life, everyone still cleaning science is preferred. 【 You might be interested in. 吗? The kindergarten classroom metope is decorated? Lipstick bracketplant farming methods? The gold foil painting? Mountain nails? Shower curtain? Cross-stitch insoles figure drawings? The electric blanket of what brand is good? Silkworm sand pillow? Gel pillow? Sheep beautiful velvet winter sheet bedding bag how long to wash once in life, met a lot of people are always can't change the sheets in an entire winter bedding bag, or just change one more time. Many people's ideas is winter skin is not like summer a lot of sweat, so there was no quilt smelly sweat, feel cleaner, so won't wash. Actually small make up to tell you, for the sake of the health winter it should also be regularly change the bed sheet bedding bag. Below small make up just to tell you how long the winter should wash the sheets bedding bag? Small make up recommend: how creative bedding create personality illicit close space duvet washing duvets dirty? 【 Click on the picture, for details) According to the small make up understanding, netizens to winter
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