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Blanket should be every family bedding, at the time of change garments according to the out cover is appropriate, but there were so many materials such as blanket quilt

by:Rhino     2020-03-04
Not recommended for use washing machines wash blanket, please. Whatever material blanket, we recommend hand wash, because can lead to high speed rotation of a blanket of fiber structure was damaged and caused a blanket deformation, hardening and severe damage to the service life of the blanket. Blanket products are generally in the market now have clear washing label, you can choose the cleaning method according to the actual situation. Need for hand washing products, such as have no time, can be sent to the dry cleaner for cleaning. 1, the blanket with strong water imbibition: blankets because of strong water imbibition, after flooding blanket will be very heavy, it is will increase the burden of the washing machine. Dehydration function will blanket at the same time all dehydration is also harmful to maintain. 2, washing machine is easy to make a blanket deformation: clean with washing machine, a blanket after being whipped shaking machine, the shape is easy to deformation, affected the blanket of the original shape. 1, soak: in detergent soak for about half an hour, so that we can achieve the role of removing WuChen; 2, knead, knead by hand or by foot light step, but not with the brush or scrub the; 3, wash: 2 -, wash with water 3 times can, do not need to twist dry wash again; 4, go to the water: after cleaning the bath water emptying, don't use hands or feet dry raschel blanket to avoid deformation; 5, dry: place the blanket bath air drops of water, can't use the washing machine dehydration; 6, brush a blanket: place the blanket under the sun to dry with a soft brush brush light blanket at the same time, keep the softness and elasticity of the blanket. 1. When nurse daily by shaking, flap the dirt on the way to remove the blanket. 2. If local blanket is stained with oil, water is difficult to attain the goal of cleared, then may use alkalescent local mild detergent to wipe gently, and then with a strong absorption of white towel with 40 degrees Celsius in the warm water and gently wipe clean. 3. Meet with a wide range of the dirt, don't panic, the washing machine to gently, add the mild detergent weak acidic or alkaline stir ease after washed, dry water after drying.
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