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Blanket shag textiles, generally divided into pure wool blankets and blended blankets

by:Rhino     2020-03-13
Pure wool blanket. Most of them are made of wool, woollen blanket its quality fit and unfit quality, can be judged from the following three aspects. Feel is should be crisp and softness, and full of elasticity, this just a touch can be identified by hand. Suede volume and asked for the blanket is not hard, hair loose and not random, covered in a blanket on the surface of the villi, Mao Bo clear. Bottom top bottom MAO must be fine and close, don't let the base cloth appear, if at the end of wool fleece, must appear fluffy grinning. This blanket affect the appearance quality, and can reduce heat preservation performance, should pay special attention to. In addition, to see if the blanket luster nature soft. The color is beautiful and easy, do you have any Chen Jiugan. Good-looking blanket side, as long as the color coordination, flat, straight, neat, no broken edge or curved edge. Blended blankets. Blended wool blanket is pure wool and chemical fiber blended, both pure and the characteristics of acrylic blanket, blanket the cold, warm, soft, comfortable degree is generally better than that of the acrylic blanket, the price is cheaper than pure blanket, varieties have blended jacquard blanket, blended fleece-faced carpet, blended carpet etc. Its excellent characteristics: appearance: less defects, physical quality close to pure blankets, carpet surface, elastic, soft and firm, as is, qi. Feel: by hand grasp when dropping, pressure after don't harden and elastic. Proportion of raw materials: including wool quantity are in conformity with national quality standards, the burning method to identify, have the smell of burning hair, ashes to ashes, focal rarely. Friction, little or no electrostatic electrification. Trademark: the trademark content is complete, the fine needlework. To introduce a simple identification method, the simple method for blanket fabric content is the combustion method. It is under the surface of the blanket to rub a little carpet tufting, it with fire lit, observe the state of combustion flame, smell the smell of the fabric yarn after burns, see the leftovers after combustion, thus judgment and blanket durability label fabric content is consistent, to identify a blanket of authenticity. Cotton and hemp are just near the flame is burning, burning rapidly, flame, yellow, blue smoke. The smell of burning and after burning ashes, is the difference between the cotton paper smells like burning, burning plant ash smells; After combustion, cotton has little powder ash, a black or gray, hemp produces a small amount of ash gray powder. Silk low ignition point, burns out soon after, the smoke from burning is white, accompanied by burning feather protein from focal flavour, the ash after burning brittle and fragile, hands knead into powder; Chemical fiber material burning smoke and pungent odor, ash black and hand holding hands, are obviously different with the former three more focus on macro cheng machinery next article: green environmental protection in heat transfer printing
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