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Blanket material to feel we use is actually has a great influence, different material blanket with when there is a big difference

by:Rhino     2020-03-02
The following three material belongs to blanket the better. 1, the wool blanket wool blanket is refers to using wool as raw materials into the blanket. Because of wool has good air permeability, the space under the rough fiber to form an air flow between layers, so in the human body sleeping of time provide ideal constant temperature. Wool blanket is beneficial to improving the quality of human sleep, warmth retention property good, has certain curative effect for rheumatism and arthritis patients and can relieve the illness. 2, raschel blanket raschel blanket is in the best quality, also is a kind of acrylic raschel fabric itself, comfort breathable warm excellent results, using the named raschel weave, so special raschel weave, make blanket more closely, thick and not out of shape. Raschel blanket lubrication is exquisite, feel warm air permeability, color bright, don't shed hair do not fade, look already beautiful practical. 3, coral fleece blankets, coral fleece blankets is currently one of the latest international textile fabrics of the most popular fabric. Coral fleece blankets because of its strong water absorption, air permeability, comfortable and warm and soft, it feels like lying on the coral, hence the name. Coral velvet fine denier, no fading, easy dyeing, has the contact flexibility, soft and fine. But the coral fleece blanket a little shed hair, skin allergy and asthma sufferers should avoid to use. What are the blanket material 1. Acrylic acrylic blanket is a kind of raw material of the material is good to make a blanket is referred to as 'synthetic wool', is actually with polyacrylonitrile fiber composite. Acrylic is not a real animal fiber so its hardness is four times the size of the wool, used as a blanket blanket when it is best not to direct and body lift lest cause static electricity, but because of the acrylic blankets with good heat preservation effect, will not mildew and corrosion of choice for many consumers to buy. 2. Whalen whalen blanket blankets mainly by polyvinyl acetal fiber composite material made of blankets. Because of whalen is very soft and is referred to as 'synthetic cotton has the same characteristics of cotton,' whalen of raw materials for production very convenient so whalen of home textile fabric type has a great advantage on the price, the second because the whalen has very good heat preservation effect is loved by many customers, but as a result of whalen production for a long time so whalen blanket the promotion. 3. Spandex spandex blanket blankets blanket is a kind of polyester fabrics, mainly by the synthesis of polyurethane elastic fiber. There is a huge degree of scaling and elastic spandex blankets made from the blanket also play this feature, great variability and flexibility is greatly improved the degree of the use of home textile fabric, and spandex has good dyeing when made into a blanket can have a variety of different color choices. 4. Polyamide blanket cotton nylon blanket is made of a synthetic fiber blanket, cotton nylon is very wear-resisting can maintain long time used for improvement of the service life of the blanket. And polyamide printed bedding has good flexibility, at the same time has good corrosion resistance and moth-proofing function such as raw material is good blanket. 5. Animal fiber blanket animal fiber blanket wool, rabbit hair, cashmere and other different materials. Animal fiber raw material made of green pollution-free animal fiber blanket material is one of the most popular with consumers, and 4 times due to animal fiber blanket home textile with excellent flexibility, not easy to deformation wear resistance corrosion features embodies the high cost performance. Buy animal fiber blanket is possessed of excellent heat preservation effect, also can remove skin doesn't directly cause adverse reactions such as static electricity. 1, see touch: touch the suede to soft and comfortable. Obviously bad dyeing and finishing of fabrics, feel is rough, with no comfort. 2, see style: pattern to comfort and pleasing to the eye color, hair side to elastic. 3, size: size depends on who is in, or what to do with. Such as domestic baby blanket with hug, generally is 90 cm * 110 cm; The size of the children with general is 100 cm * 140 cm, adult single multi-purpose 150 cm * 200 cm, can choose 230 cm tall, or longer. Coral fleece if used as a sheet, 1 m 5 bed can choose 1. 8 meters wide blanket; 1 meter 8 bed can choose 2 metres wide. 4, see thickness: the thickness is moderate, too thick blanket, cleaning is very difficult; Too thin to keep warm. Winter generally use double layer thickening, in air conditioning room, available single double-sided hair late spring or early fall. 1, should be paid attention to when using the blanket it is forbidden to be affected with damp be affected with damp in order to avoid mildew, avoid exposure by frowsty, heated to prevent deterioration, feel is rough and cast pest control in case the bug eat by moth. 2, cannot weigh avoid kung, MAO and crease. 3, also need to dry before, put a few paper clip in the folded blanket packages of camphor ball, plastic bag again after sealing, stored in a dry cabinets.
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