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Blanket is a kind of commonly used bedding, with functions of warm, a little thinner than a quilt. Things of clothes, buy back before wearing

by:Rhino     2020-03-08
The raw material of the blanket is used more animal fiber or chemical fiber, such as, acrylic, viscose fiber and made some for animal fiber and chemical fiber blended. New blanket to be washed before use, to make sure that the blanket clean, new blanket may be packing clean and tidy, but not necessarily clean. 1. Why buy after cleaning blanket, blanket in front of the factory are not cleaning and disinfection of the two. Blanket in the packaging, transportation process, there will be pollution, easy to dirty, especially the small manufacturer, factory environment is not very, more need to new buy blanket for cleaning. 3. New blanket after cleaning, can reduce the blanket rub off problems caused by the printing and dyeing, new blanket cleaning it is better to wash in cold water for the first time. New blankets when cleaning, use the average family with a neutral detergent, do not use bleach, blanket of dry natural air is basked in, best don't use the dryer. 吗? 吗? 1, put a blanket in bath with warm water soak completely is about 30 ° C. 吗? 2, add detergent for 15 minutes, can dispel WuChen. 吗? 吗? 3, knead by hand or by foot light step, 2 -, wash with water - - - - - - Three times. 吗? 吗? 4, do not hand twist dry after washing a blanket, or blanket will be out of shape. 吗? 5, will be to empty the water in the bath blanket bath water automatic placement are asked to do. 吗? 6, place the blanket the sun to dry with a soft brush brush light blanket at the same time. 吗? New blanket to clean, use the blanket also should pay attention to keep clean, regular use detergent to clean. Clear water full should be used when cleaning wash and clean after put in ventilated place dry. If the blanket with fruit juice, fruit juice add some toothpaste, and then scrub, rinse with water. If contaminated with oil, put a blanket in the bowl, put on some edible alkali, add boiling for 10 minutes, wash with hot water and air, this blanket cleaning so clean.
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