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Blanket can use washing machine

by:Rhino     2020-03-01
Blanket because of strong water imbibition, general dry blanket is very light, but after flooding, will be very heavy blanket, then choose to use the washing machine to clean, problems came out, one is to increase the burden of the washing machine, because the blanket with soft washing cleaning requirements, choose a low profile because of flooding blanket heavier, and increase the burden, at the same time dehydration function will blanket all dehydration is also harmful to maintain. Therefore, washing machines wash blanket, please be careful. Clean with washing machines, blankets, after being whipped shaking machine, the shape is easy to deformation, affected the blanket of the original shape. Wool blanket basically asks to send to the laundry dry cleaning, can use a large industrial washing machine washing, industrial washing machine manufacturers think that the best method of washing, woolen blanket wash can also, just want to choose neutral detergent, need to dry it as soon as possible. So we will have a choice when cleaning blanket to machine wash, as long as your blanket in the wash or dry doesn't change too much, for example is a thin blanket or a second blanket, so can be safely washed in a washing machine, on the contrary if your process changes before and after the blanket is too large, it doesn't fit in the washing machine, such as pure wool blanket is not recommended for use washing machine to clean. In general, blanket washing are marked on the card can use washing machine, so you can refer to a blanket on the washing. Pure wool blanket cleaning method right now can find a dry cleaner streets, such as woolen blanket large items are not convenient at home cleaning, a lot of people will choose to the cleaning shop, in fact this is a simple and convenient, also is very convenient. Take professional woolen blanket cleaning shop. Professional personnel for wool blanket cleaning, oneself also do not need to worry, just said is a waste of money, but it could save a lot of cleaning time. If I am at home washing wool blanket, rinse clean, clean or is in the right way, so probably will cause damage to the wool blanket. If the wool blanket use time is shorter, and there is no stain, when cleaning can, just need to soak rub repeatedly after will achieve the ideal effect. Don't use a brush, a lot of people don't know the brush and the effect of the washing machine have a spell, will undermine its line, reduce the service life of woolen blanket. In the wash water drop a few drops of vinegar, can effectively prevent the old blanket. Because the wool blanket soft elastic, feel plump, warmth retention property good, the best is to choose the dry cleaning or washed by hand, do not use the washing machine washing, so easy to go out of form, softness and keep out the cold sex will reduce.
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