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Berkshire Blanket - Soft and Cozy

by:Rhino     2020-06-28
It just had to be a Berkshire Blanket on a cool, chilly night. Snuggling in bed with the softest pillow on my head, over a smooth sheet, beneath a warm comforter, is a heavenly feeling. I could just lie down all day listening to the song 'My Favourite Things' of Julie Andrews from 'The Sound of Music' playing in my mind. I sure love going to bed sleeping with these comforts and not doing anything but laze. Many Berkshire patrons feel the same way I do. Their product reviews say a lot about how well satisfied their customers were after purchasing an item. Let's look into what people say about this great find. Consumers give a five star rating for a Berkshire Blanket product. One user is still curled up in bed drinking a hot coffee while reading the newspaper. Another one had a slightly over-sized blanket to cover his head at night, and his dog likes it too. A husband thought he was sleeping in a hotel room because of the comfort of the blanket he slept under. There's one who received throw as a gift and used it through four seasons. It has been on hand anywhere around the house whether on the den, in the family room or in the bedroom. An entire family have been using the blanket since 2008 and gave them as gifts to friends and relatives on special occasions. Another client described the blanket as 'super soft' even when washed several times. A loyal patron feels like fading to dreamland and recommends them to both kids and adults. One customer was so pleased with her new microfiber blanket that it was time to say goodbye to the older blanket he used for years. I could go on and on reading the many good reviews for Berkshire products and the list just keeps growing. Berkshire Blanket comes in a wide array of product options and comfort ability. The first fleece blanket has greatly changed over the years. The new Berkshire Microloft fleece blankets have micro-plush fibers that prevent matting and shrinking when washed over hot water and when under a dryer. The Serasoft Comforter is an all year ally. It has a thick surface for chilly nights and cool breathable microfiber for warmer temperature. The Fluffy Soft Throw has a lightweight material with softness so lavish you'd want to curl up on the couch with it. Serasoft Pillows and Neckroll Pillows are soft, durable, easy to maintain and can be a great addition to any decor. The Microloft Sheet Set has non-pilling microfibers and is a better alternative to flannels. For infants, the Softest Slumber Crib Set is perfect for a goodnight sleep. It has an intricate quilt design for a distinctively soft and warm feeling. Whatever fabrics and forms, the softness, warmness and coziest touch is a trademark of Berkshire Blanket. Berkshire's unrivalled expertise in the industry has made the company known in every parts of the globe. Millions of people now own a Berkshire Blanket in their homes.
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