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Berkshire Blanket - A Household Name

by:Rhino     2020-05-17
Many years ago, on an old mill in Massachusetts, Berkshire Blanket was born. What started as a handmade gift to a friend is now a byword in every home. From the original fleece blanket they first introduced in 1993, variations have been possible through modern technologies and discoveries. The company now carries many product forms in an assortment of designs, functions and comfort ability. Throws, blankets, sheets, pillows, comforters, quilts are to name a few. Throw blankets are great on sofa pieces or on bed for a warm and relaxing touch. The Perfect Touch Throw Blankets by Berkshire is made of 100% polyester and hypo-allergenic materials. It is soft and lightweight with non-piling features that are easy to wash and dry. The Fluffy Soft Throw provide extra layer of warmth and ideal for snuggling up on bed or in a couch. It is feathery, easy to carry and machine washable. The Anywhere Reversible Throw gives for an exciting touch with two different sides, luxuriously soft on one and stylish on the other. The Polar Bear Furry Throw Blanket has woolly texture great for warmth and comfort. All these and a variety of others come in super soft fabrics with attractive designs and colors to choose from. Berkshire Blanket has a large collection of warm blankets from elegant styles to cute designs for babies and kids. The Think Mink Blanket with satin trimmings will wrap you up in its silky smooth mink softness. The Comfy Soft Cotton Blanket brings lightweight comfort for all seasons. Berkshire Microloft Fleece Blanket is great for allergy sufferers who need durable ones that can be repeatedly washed with hot water without damaging it. Indulgence Blanket is uniquely soft and flexible, slightly over-sized but with lightweight materials. There's one available too for kids, included in the Softest Slumber Crib Set, the blanket is designed with embroidery and satin edge that are extremely soft and warm for a baby's deep slumber. There are other bedding too by Berkshire such as the Serasoft Comforter that provides an all season warmth and comfort. It is 100% polyester Shearloft on one side and polyester/nylon bend on the reverse. It's guaranteed soft but not bulky. Also available is the Serasoft Pillows, soft, durable and perfect for added visual effects on sofas and couches. Another selection is the Microloft Sheet Set, a good substitute for flannels with its non-piling features. With research development and breakthroughs in technologies, Berkshire Blanket continues to come up with new forms and fabrics, new novelties and designs for improved function and suitability of consumers. Through the years, Berkshire Blanket has spread considerably with its commitment to create only the best, softest, warmest, coziest products bringing comfort and happiness to the most people in the most places all over the world. Their numerous awards and recognitions attest to their being a household name in every home. Despite all these successes, the humble old mill in Massachusetts still stands as headquarters for the company where it all began.
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