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Believe that many people in the sheet not in ten days, some even half moon do not change. This will not bring bad effects to the skin to us? nearly

by:Rhino     2020-04-28
Data show that a week not to wash every 6 cm square pillows, sheets and sheets may produce CFU (300 ~ 5 million Colony forming unit) Bacteria, if you don't wash a month, this number will be close to 12 million. Want to know, a sheet about 4 square meters, or 6666 6 cm square, then at least 800 million bacteria accompanying with you sleep. According to related survey, many diligent about housework can change the bed sheet, a sheet every month to change one or two more people to a winter. In the hidden countless smudgy bed, as long as the psychological ok, don't usually have a big trouble, sleep, after all, the tramp dump can survive. However, if the people there are scratches or other open wounds, or out of shape, low immunity, it is possible to infected on the bed. You may live in the bed of the 10 most disgusting things there was a period of video is popular YouTube, is 'likely to live in your bed top 10 disgusting things', they include the pet hair, staphylococcus aureus, escherichia coli, ants, such as dust mites and ticks. Pet pet appearance is very of, but lovely, they can greatly increase the bed grow on worms, animals, bacteria and the risk of a flea, there was a 9-year-old boy died so bubonic plague infection. If how of pet can make you alert, so the following to say 'thing' is expected to make you couldn't help it. Staphylococcus aureus study found on the pillow and sheets methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus, this is a kind of 'superbugs'; Them through a wound or oral invades the body, can cause blood poisoning ( Sepsis) Or the human body function to stop functioning, 2 to fifty percent of cases has no cure. This is a potentially deadly bacteria e. coli, may lurk on the pillow; The cause of symptoms including fever, flu-like symptoms, affect the brain and kidney. Ant the insects who all know, they secretly climbed on top of the food chain, from worms to human skin eat anything; Ants will invade human bed, its venom can cause severe allergic reactions - — The whole body allergic. The aspergillus smoke is a kind of fungus growth in artificial bedding, they can infect the lungs and brain, causing aspergillosis, more common in those with weak immune system disease. Poisonous gas contains a lot of volatile organic compounds in modern mattress, some of the material is detergent ingredients; Poisonous gases may trigger migraine, neurological diseases and even cancer, infants and young children most at risk, the study of modern baby bed products, than in the past more than 4 times more toxic substances. Lice dirty bed could be lice infestation, lifetime for up to 4 weeks; They will also be a vampire at night, will cause skin itch or typhoid. Bud branch mold bud branch will mold growing on damp sheets. They affect the skin and respiratory system, suction mould spores can induce asthma and pneumonia, or trigger a moss, symptom is damaged skin, broken nails. Dust mites, the study found the bed could grow on 100000 to 10 million dust mites; They eat dead skin cells for a living, the feces could trigger asthma. How long draperies wash to health? Winter a lot of people think that in the winter, the sheets obviously is a little change can be a long time, because during the winter sweat less sheets easy dirty, dirty is actually our eyes can't see, although it is in winter, then also suggest to frequently change better, small make up suggest two to three weeks to change in winter is the best at a time. Don't think that when the bacteria in the spring and autumn in the spring and autumn season hasn't started, in fact, in the spring and autumn season, the weather gradually warming of bacteria is the fastest, so when the spring and autumn season sheet it is best to change once a week for the best. Clean sheets, like that, at the same time also is good for our health. Let you every day, healthy and comfortable life. Summer summer natural needless to say, the sheets of nature is to change the most frequently, suggest three days wash is the best, the summer will accumulate a lot of bacteria and residual time sheets. Summer experience to sweat a lot of people, this is also a big bug, not only have a bad taste, also is very bad to the body. So the summer should change more frequently. At the same time of change bedspread and sheet, might as well use cleaner or small wet dishcloth, by the way, wait for the scurfy, hair that remains on mattess clear clean. If with besmirch, usable soap dirty place, reoccupy does cloth to clean, dry wet stained or use a hair dryer, won't mildewy, produce peculiar smell. Conditional word, can add a layer between the mattress and bed sheets cleaning pad, or use a divide mite instrument to divide mite activity draperies. Special embedded in the cleaning pad of cotton layer, prevent humidity to enter mattess can, clean and dry, in keeping with the mattress and guarantee warm and absorb sweat function, and easy to clean.
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