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Believe that everyone in the life all contact with 'silk', this belongs to a kind of fabric, is a high-end consumer goods. So, why are the price of silk phase

by:Rhino     2020-03-29
A, keep skin fresh moist silk is a kind of protein fiber, its contains 18 kinds of amino acids beneficial to the body, using silk sheets, can effectively maintain the skin's metabolism, make the skin keep smooth and moist for long, benefit a lot. Second, the effect of cold skin summer wear silk will feel cold, we all know it's hot in summer, always will be out of a sweat, and won't appear in silk dresses clothing affixed to the body. And real silk can also reflects a woman's feelings, because silk is falling, there will be a stretch of feeling, very sexy. Third, protect the skin silk sheets can also protect the skin, because of the strong ultraviolet light during the day, there will be damage on direct illuminate the skin, put on a silk can have very good protection effect. This is because the silkworm son out of white silk, under ultraviolet light will gradually become yellow, reason is the silk absorbed the ultraviolet ray in sunshine. Four, helps wounds heal silk for skin disease patients and very good treatment effect, the doctor can according to the different diseased part of patients, made into different silk fabrics, special treatment. Scientific research shows that, the use of silk fabric, don't support the use of topical drugs can have very good curative effect. If it is a long-term bedridden disease bedsore later in life, if use silk sheets and silk underwear, silk dress with department again, can absorb moisture to evaporate and promote its effect, can keep the plot affected part, accelerate wound healing. Above is the related contents about the benefits of silk sheets, hope can help to you!
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