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Baby for parents, say the baby a little too much. For the baby is always very care, always afraid of the baby catch cold. A lot of home

by:Rhino     2020-03-11
1, the baby with a blanket. This is not specified, if the weather is cold, you can with a blanket. But also should pay attention to check, don't let the blanket cover the baby's head. Whether it's actually a blanket or quilt, is to give the baby to keep warm, so don't need to make a clear distinction between the purpose of the blanket. Note, however, if the baby in a blanket material allergies, do not use. 2, the baby no matter what kind of quilt, sleep is very important. Because the baby in small, you need parents to care. Say not to wrapped the baby in a blanket, lest affect the baby's breath and even accidents. Try not to use things too soft to the baby mat to sleep. If the blanket is intended to give the baby to sleep, then it is better not to use. Because too soft mat not conducive to the growth of the baby. 3, often use baby blanket should pay attention to the following: pay attention to distinguish the material of the blanket, if not pure cotton blanket, in a way this may be not fit for the baby. If must be used to match other blankets, or use the quilt, baby don't direct contact with the best. Next, want to have a look at the quality of the blanket, do not choose wool blankets or rub off.
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