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Baby bedding, we need to be very careful to pick, because they are direct contact with the baby. I believe that your parents to the crib sheet

by:Rhino     2020-04-20
Baby bed sheets, bed sheets, bed dai li's role as is known to all, the mattress itself is very easy to get dirty, but also touch dirt easily, at the time of use at ordinary times, may also not carefully, damage to the mattress. So we came up with a way to protect the mattress, wrap it up with something, and so was born the fitted and sheets. The bedspread and bed has a common effect is, guarantee the mattress and the bed body clean. Crib fitted crib sheet introduction sheet, in comparing the official's words, it is used to pave a wide of the fabric on the surface of the bed. Now the sheets on the market are mainly made of pure cotton and blended yarn as raw materials, novel style, color variety, the most important is that it can protect the mattress, and easy cleaning. Accordingly, got the favour of many consumers, as far as I'm concerned, but very like lace sheets oh, very beautiful. Three, dai li is introduced and the fitted crib bed, should be a little more complicated than the sheet, it is to put a sheet of four corners cut off four small squares, sewing together, and then with a drawstring around, became a fitted sheet. This is, of course, only the fitted production principle, the fitted sheet on the market are mostly made according to this principle, one of the benefits of the fitted is set on the mattress, not easy to slip like the sheets. To the color of the dai li are monotonous, the market now is general for white, because the color too deep, will affect other bedding, bed, however, if you like, there are a lot of colors to choose from. Bed dai li and the bedspread four, the difference between a crib bed and sheets and the difference between the fitted sheet and there is a big difference between the sheets can be roughly with mattress isometric width, can also be a lot larger than the mattress, as long as can covered with foam. And the fitted is washed-up, fitted with non-slip therefore fixed function, therefore, only a little larger than the mattress. For example, your mattress is 1. 8 m * 2 m, the fitted sheet should be the same with 1. 8 m * 2 m * 25 cm, so can make the mattress and bed dai li fully fit, to achieve the use function of the fitted.
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