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Woolen blanket if there was a slight pollution, please with a clean towel dipped 1% concentration of special cleaner gently wipe the pollution and using the same method to clean with clear water, then dry it in time,

by:Rhino     2020-03-02
Skin type wool blanket: four, six, eight spell carpet, also can be customized size. Using the entire wool leather trim to remove the head according to its original form, the abdomen, limbs and tail cortex osteoporosis, have a disability, after tanning, dyeing process, etc. High quality leather shape blanket whole hair close, uniform, wool. Will air conditioning blanket roll up after rinse, gently pressure, discharge water, then use the brush to fluff brushed neatly into the original square shape. Drying air conditioning carpet had better use two parallel bamboo pole set up, then put the blanket on the air conditioning in shade them slowly, avoid by all means is directly in the sunlight exposure, to prevent air conditioning blanket fade deformation. After air air conditioning carpet had better use brush again, to restore our air conditioning blanket original soft feel and look beautiful. Abb has good air permeability, warmth retention property, health care, moisture resistance, compared with polyester fiber blanket material, more close skin no stimulation, raschel blanket, compared its good sound-absorbing ability. No matter what wool blanket adopt method of cleaning. Cleaning time is much, abb also can become old, so this time what to do. In order to prevent wool blanket grow old, we usually at the time of cleaning can be to add some vinegar. The effect of vinegar is to prevent the old wool blanket. In addition, we at the time of washing wool blanket, probably put too much detergent, rinse clean, then this time can to add a little white vinegar. Price - wool blanket A thin blanket. Blanket according to the season can be divided into winter and summer, then we will together to get to know a price is not expensive, summer use wool blanket, we can see from this piece of woolen blanket pictures choose fine wool blanket, fine count wool in Australia, the production of wool is best, the sheep grow good environment and climate, temperature appropriate, management, meticulous, the growth of wool fineness, wool length, whiteness is good. And is especially suitable for the elderly or asthma, no side effects, when it comes to how much is the price, because the material is less, so the price it is 499. 00 yuan. People to identify the quality of wool is not good at it, mainly from the appearance to judge the merits of the woolen blanket. Wool blanket when the choose and buy, should choose the hair soft and elastic, surface integral colour and lustre, textile uniform closely, feels smooth level off the wool blanket, another judgment based on is whether a woolen hair removal, otherwise, it will cause problems in use. Blanket of different materials, all have their cleaning method, so you can watch for blanket label, for the material is expensive blanket, suggest to dry-clean is safe. For order processing after cleaning, avoid by all means to dryer to dry, because can make blanket shrinking or material to harden. Air conditioning blanket with BABY blue, rice white, 4 color optional ginger, shallow gray, each color is very western style joker. Four color all adopt advanced reactive dyeing process, do not contain harmful substances, stick a skin covered with good peace of mind. Air-conditioning, the color of the carpet with pavilion in life before selling the same brand of cotton covered 4 times, hitting scene belong to the same as color, buy collocation also is very good yo. Air conditioning blanket is also called the summer was air conditioning blanket, it with good air permeability, easy to wash, easy to receive, etc, become a lot of people in the summer the necessary bedding. General specification for the 150 x 180 x 220 cm, 200 cm and for pure cotton products. Technology has a plain weave, jacquard, discontinuity, shearing, etc. There are printed and plain.
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