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Wool blanket to touch on suede soft and comfortable. Obviously bad dyeing and finishing of fabrics, feel is rough, with no comfort. The blanket pattern

by:Rhino     2020-03-14
How much is a woolen blanket? We must to analyze from many aspects, material qualitative, brand, production process is the main factor that affect the price of wool blanket, the wool blanket we see in life according to the material classification can be divided into domestic wool (about Xinjiang and Tibet) Is better, wool imported material, of course, is the Australian wool, the wool exports to China's exports to the eu standard completely, imported wool blanket price will be expensive than those generally wool blanket! Shu velveteen air conditioning blanket also has other features: soft: filament number, small bending modulus, so the fabric has excellent softness; Good coverage: due to the high fiber density, specific surface area is big, because good coverage; Taking good: because the fiber has a larger specific surface area, because of higher core absorption effect and breathable, use comfortable suede fluffy; Good optical: because the fiber specific surface area is big, light reflection on the surface of the fiber assembly is poor, so, this kind of fiber is made of fabric, colour quietly elegant is downy. Wool blanket figure when people family lives in air conditioning room, is the need to cover a blanket, it is helpful for our health, for air conditioning blanket may not many people know, so many people for this aspect of the content is not very understanding, at the time of selection, should pay attention to methods, in order to better ensure the quality, so know that air conditioning blanket method of choose and buy, in addition to know to the frequency conversion air conditioning is a little problem. Air conditioning blanket yarn have cooked and raw yarn, cooked yarn is soft and durable, county absorbent strong, raw yarn feel hard, weak absorbent. A little water dripping from 30 centimetres high in the air conditioning carpet, if water is absorbed at once that is done yarn, slowly absorbed the raw yarn. Wool blanket figure shu velveteen air conditioning blanket applicability is very broad, such as spring and summer to do thin by, summer is used, air conditioning, light and; Qiu dong season can be used the pad in order to do the sheets, comfortable fitting, soft skin to keep warm, warm a winter; At the same time to the human body blood circulation and metabolism has a good regulatory role; Caress your body joints and knee, make it not easy to catch cold catch cold; Collect, carry, easy to use, meticulous care to your life anytime and anywhere. Wool blanket, since can't natural can choose hand washing machine wash or dry cleaning, dry cleaning can be said to be the best choice, save time and effort, but also has its disadvantages, it is relatively expensive, also will be careful friends worry about dry cleaner to wash not clean. This case will be washed by hand. Wool blanket figure textile has all kinds of production equipment more than 380 sets, with an annual output of 7000 tons of blanket yarn, blanket of more than 300 ten thousand, raschel, acrylic blankets, plush blankets, all kinds of single and double layer baby's blanket, carpet, etc. 8 categories of products, thousands of pattern design and color, variety specification is complete, the design and color is novel and attractive, product not only best-selling domestic provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and exported to Russia, Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea, the Middle East, South Africa and so on more than 30 countries and regions. Company uphold quality first, customer supreme belief, based on principles of honesty and trustworthiness, and hope the broad masses of manufacturers sincere cooperation, common development. Wool blanket figure will air conditioning blanket roll up after rinse, gently pressure, discharge water, then use the brush to fluff brushed neatly into the original square shape. Drying air conditioning carpet had better use two parallel bamboo pole set up, then put the blanket on the air conditioning in shade them slowly, avoid by all means is directly in the sunlight exposure, to prevent air conditioning blanket fade deformation. After air air conditioning carpet had better use brush again, to restore our air conditioning blanket original soft feel and look beautiful. Really wool products, wear in the body feel very warm and intimate, and won't produce the phenomenon such as static electricity. And of fake goods, wearing no real wool warm, but not too close, sometimes produce electrostatic and hear the sound of the 'hiss'. Touching the true and false of wool with the hand, is a completely different feel. Real wool elastic enough, waxy feel smooth, warm can; The fake wool is no elastic, feel is acerbity sluggish, hit a cold feeling.
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