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Winter cold weather, we generally in choosing a bed is tasted can choose thick warm, like a blanket that is a very warm bed is tasted

by:Rhino     2020-03-15
The classification of the blanket winter blanket is a kind of very multi-purpose household textile bedding, and because the blanket itself have comfortable soft material, can have very good heat preservation effect, and there are different material composition, so have different comfort. According to the material with pure wool blanket and blended blankets, general pure wool blanket is made of pure wool and blended bedding is made of pure wool and blended material combination, double blanket inside there are two kinds of different material composition. Different material to introduce 1 general polyester, polyester blanket material is made of synthetic fiber blanket, polyester material has very good elasticity, so it make winter bed suite, on the sturdy and anti-wrinkle effect is very good, but the polyester material moisture absorption is not good, cover in the body will be more easy to sweat, there is a feeling of hot, warmth retention property is very good, but not aerate it is uncomfortable. At the same time also can produce more static, more difficult in terms of cleaning. 2, acrylic blankets acrylic material is a kind of synthetic fiber, but because his feeling much closer to the wool is qualitative, so on the soft and comfort is much better than polyester material, and acrylic fiber blanket design has a rich variety of color and pattern design, enjoying the comfortable and warm at the same time also has a visual enjoyment. 3, polyamide fiber blanket that is also a kind of artificial synthetic fiber nylon material, on the wear resistance is the best, so a lot of people will choose the material of the blanket. Polyamide fiber blanket for the synthetic blankets on the hygroscopicity is good in material, but its permeability effect is not the best, very easy to cause the electrostatic dust to dust. On the warmth retention property, and other artificial blankets are almost, general winter can satisfy basic heat preservation effect. 4, pure animal fiber blanket generally the material of the blanket is wool, mohair, wool and so on pure natural animal fiber material, the material and synthetic material is qualitative different, as a pure natural material was welcomed by many people, but because the animal fiber is relatively rare, on the market price is more expensive. Animal hair is to keep warm, so animal fiber blanket has warm effect is the best, the contact with the human touch is more delicate, soft and comfortable features is also one of the reasons that people love. So if you don't care how much of the price, so want to have a comfortable and warm in winter, then the animal fiber wool blanket is the most suitable. Above introduction is simple is also one of the most common winter wool blanket material, the thermal effect is one of the best animal fiber blanket, but its price is also the most expensive. Specific how to choice can only be chose according to actual situation.
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