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Will air conditioning blanket roll up after rinse, gently pressure, discharge water, then use the brush to fluff brushed neatly into the original square shape. Air to air conditioning

by:Rhino     2020-03-05
We in choosing a brand air conditioning blanket is mainly to see the quality of the blanket, and judge the quality of the blanket besides fibrous character and treatment processing, of density of fibrous of wool cloth with soft nap, weight, slub method have a good relationship. Wool cloth with soft nap is more dense more thick, the weight of unit area wool is heavier, the texture of the blanket and exterior can maintain well more, and basically, undercoat and woven blankets closely is relatively durable. People to identify the quality of wool is not good at it, mainly from the appearance to judge the merits of the woolen blanket. Wool blanket when the choose and buy, should choose the hair soft and elastic, surface integral colour and lustre, textile uniform closely, feels smooth level off the wool blanket, another judgment based on is whether a woolen hair removal, otherwise, it will cause problems in use. Will air conditioning blanket roll up after rinse, gently pressure, discharge water, then use the brush to fluff brushed neatly into the original square shape. Drying air conditioning carpet had better use two parallel bamboo pole set up, then put the blanket on the air conditioning in shade them slowly, avoid by all means is directly in the sunlight exposure, to prevent air conditioning blanket fade deformation. After air air conditioning carpet had better use brush again, to restore our air conditioning blanket original soft feel and look beautiful. Air conditioning blanket is a common bedding, have heat preservation function, more light than ordinary quilt. Air conditioning of the specifications of the carpet to 150 x 180 x 220 cm, 200 cm and the majority of product is made of pure cotton, printing and plain, the main process is plain weave, jacquard, discontinuity, shearing, etc. In general use air conditioning blanket in air-conditioned room, noon or evening rest will air conditioning blanket in the body, can prevent air conditioning air conditioning in the process of sleeping harm to health. Price - wool blanket Merino wool. Just we have learned in the reading guidance of two different types of wool is qualitative, the wool blanket is made of imported wool merino wool, merino wool, come from the merino heritage sheep, its characteristic is MAO was uniform quality, end flush, glabrous pulp fiber, the surface covered with a fine scales, we can see from this piece of woolen blanket picture wool colour and lustre is white, silver or the elegant like pearl luster, soft and elastic, excellent material, let the blanket quotation for 1019. 00 yuan. Wool blanket is dry after cleaning up, of wool blanket to dry when you can't use hanger to dry. Tile is the best way to dry in a cool, ventilated place. After drying of work to do is to clear the hair bulb on the wool blanket, so these woolen blanket of badminton is how to remove? The simplest method is to use scissors, but be sure not to tear off the hair bulb, because can make woolen yarn. When really wool fire, can completely burned without leaving residue. Wool, after burning can be hand to knead into powder were scattered. And the fake wool, after burning has the cluster phenomenon, with real wool powder is completely different. Through the water washing can also distinguish true and false of wool. Really wool after wash, can be stretched by the gravity of water, more elastic, dry after use will restore the original shape; And fake wool after washing, without flexibility, also will not be stretched, before washing and after washing the shape will not change.
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