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Why It Is Critical to Have an Organic Baby Nursery

by:Rhino     2020-05-15
Stop and look around at all the growing conditions in our youth. ADD, eczema, allergies, depression and more. Studies have proven the cause of almost all of these problems is chemicals in our food, clothing, bedding, skin products and more. I am sure you have noticed all the organic and all natural products sections in our stores. People are tired of being sick and it starts with our babies, even before birth. There has been extensive research done on chemical damage to babies while still in the womb. It is not only essential for your baby that you use organic products; it determines your baby's health. A study of nine pregnant women, showed 13 toxins inside the womb. These were women that were healthy and made 'good 'choices. Cotton fields are responsible for 25% of all pesticides used in the United States. These pesticides cause so many health problems and have proven to be cancer causing. If your baby is sleeping on organic cotton sheets, in his or her organic baby nursery, you don't worry about this. The EPA did a study and found that at least 50% of children acquired their cancer risks the first two years of life. It is pretty easy to see why. Your baby spends most of its first years sleeping. Our skin is the largest eliminator gland in our bodies. Medicines administered with patches are now becoming more popular to prove this point. If your baby uses chemically treated clothing, bedding and eat food treated with pesticides, what chance do they have? Our skin is also our first line of immunity. How can we deter all these issues with chemically treated fabrics? Simply move toward and organic lifestyle. Your baby's organic nursery does not have to cost a fortune. Organic sheet sets, clothing, and other products are becoming more available. The price is slowly moving into affordability for everyone. It is important to note however, the price you pay for health care that all these chemicals cause is more in the long run. Your organic baby nursery must remain clean as well. I have written blog posts on organic cleaners that are extremely cheap and better for baby and the environment. Diapers are another issue all together. I realize convenience plays a huge role in today's society, however disposable diapers are terrible on the planet and extremely dangerous to your baby. Organic cloth diapers are a great alternative to your organic baby nursery. I know it can be expensive and somewhat challenging to move toward an all organic baby nursery, but with all the research, it is necessary for your baby's health. People are tired of being sick and tired of having sick children. We are moving back to the basics of nature in all aspects of our lives. Our integrity is coming to light and its starts with our children. We must do right by them and give them a chance for a good and healthy life. From my family to yours, sleep well.
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